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  • So far im still waiting on anything... lol


    • well i spent way more than 500balens and got lowest prize,
      i spent them all at random times during event and will prob get no where with a ticket, let alone a response,
      guess next time i will have to jot down everything i spend and blaa blaa.
      total joke once again.


      • Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
        I kind of like how you display your superiority in your earning power. ["I make roughly 7k every 3 days."]
        Sorry, It was meant as in, I make enough money that I don't need to scam or make false reports over $100. I'm just irritated about the situation in general. It's not even really the $100 that makes me mad, it is the nonchalant ticket responses, that shows; whoever was responsible for answering, didn't even read it. How can a company fix a wrong if they don't take the time to seriously investigate the reports? I look at the world from a business aspect. Yes, I'm a gamer, but I'm also a business man.

        On a personal note it wasn't always like this. I grew up poor, was picked on in school, and wore wrangler pants from the thrift store, because my parents were to broke to buy me new school cloths. I came from nothing, and made something of myself. IDK if that helps take some of the power away but it should. xD

        Either way, if you spend $10 or $1000, it shouldn't matter, if there is an issue fix it. I know, it's not hard to check if a payment was made to a company. Especially online transactions. I even made it easy for them by giving them the exact time down to the second, that playspan accepted payment through MoneyBookers, and the payment ID#, CC Transaction #, and my associated E-mail...


        • The same here. I consumed 10k Balens and only got reward for 5k.
          These are in-game items and not dollars like what we are spending here,
          and yet they do not want to give us what is due.

          This is just irritating.
          No one is going to recharge again if you continue to scam your players.

          Please fix the rewards you have sent.

          IGN: cmnoel
          Server: 49/46


          • This happened to me as well. For safety i spent balens all day on the last day before the event ended and I still was shorted the highest reward. Im very disapointed as of right now.


            • Lol r2 is laughing all the way to the bank, chumps.


              • Sigh... apparently this is widespread. Will take a bit as we've all apparently had to file tickets.
                [S4 - Bretheran Abyss]
                IGN: Lyone
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                • spent crazy balens and havent got a gift yet

                  server 73 islefeld hold



                  • it had been 72 hours hasnt it


                    • Originally posted by morph2012 View Post
                      so wen do we get rewards i spent 3k of balens on the last night of the event an still aint got mine yet

                      It can take up to 72 hrs.. and this time there's a problem with the payment packs they are working on to correct.
                      Taste the bitter sweet flavor of my blade, your cries of agony are music to me ~ GarterGirl - Battle Commander to the Legions of Havoc - Server S1 Temple of Ibalize


                      • Does it really pays to consume? I've purchased 5k balens before this event ends. I even encountered problem while purchasing balen and after submitting tons of tickets, still, i haven't received some of my purchased balen. So instead of having 5k balens for me to qualify the reward for the said amount, I've landed into 3k reward. Im pretty sure i will be compensated with 3k reward coz I've spent 4.k balens that same day I purchased it. I've waited for almost 2 days for the said reward. I was so excited when i got the mail from the said event. But when I open the mail, I was doomed,then leads to dissapointment. This is what I've got from this freakin' event!!! Tired of submitting another tons of tickets!!!!
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	mol.jpg
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Size:	271.8 KB
ID:	1664065Click image for larger version

Name:	pays2consume.jpg
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ID:	1664066

                        The date and time in my MOL account is not server time.

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                          • Okay then. This is kinda hard to accomplish 'cuz of my busy life.


                            • Really? Dont think i will ever pay for some event like this ever!! MORE THEN 3 DAYS to deliver ******* reward? Really? Are you ******* kidding me? Screw you really..

                              The worstest gamemaster work i have ever seen.. No response from GMs at all, on tickets im waiting 5 days to get stupid nonsens answer on easy question.. A BIG THUMBS DOWN FOR YOU


                              • I don't care if it takes GMs 3 days to pay up, that is normal for every MMO Reward system Ive ever played(Note "reward system", and not cash purchase game points/balens), and believe me I play lots MMO's. I have Godly toons on games I don't even play anymore, just sitting collecting dust. I just wish GMs could get the rewards right, when they do pay up. I know GMs are busy and overworked at times, but c'mon, we spend our money and expect to be compensated accordingly. I contribute to get ahead in the game yes, but I have to play catch up as I just started this game, but also, I spend to support the company, and help keep the game a float. Hosting isn't cheap, so I try to help with my contributions.
                                Point is I do the right thing, and spend money, lots of money to support you. I don't cheat here, I don't cause trouble (besides sending you guys lots of tickets, but the tickets are over Legit Grievances and not some useless question I could have learned the answer to by reading the forums).

                                I still haven't received my 10k balens and bonus items from this transaction, which I purchased for the sole purpose of buying more of those Magic Box II So I can have 200 Legendary stones lvl 60 and have my full 60 Legendary armor, staff, brooch, and hat. But then The GMs somehow gave me the wrong reward and instead of getting the 30k reward I get the 1000 balens reward.
                                799735689 23 Jan 13 15:28 Send Money to -100.13 processed 0.00 ID 34511126
                                799735681 23 Jan 13 15:28 Upload Visa 100.13 processed 100.13 ID 799735540

                                //Money payed Balens not received(Above)

                                Earlier that day, These I received my balens for:
                                799663809 23 Jan 13 13:22 Send Money to -39.99 processed 0.00 ID 34510086
                                799663806 23 Jan 13 13:22 Upload Visa 39.99 processed 39.99 ID 799663627

                                799658469 23 Jan 13 13:13 Send Money to -100.13 processed 0.00 ID 34509990
                                799658464 23 Jan 13 13:13 Upload Visa 100.13 processed 100.13 ID 799658074

                                This is proof of the 30k balens bought on the 22nd of Jan 2013. Server logs will show that I immediately spent all balens purchased.
                                Jan 22, 2013 Authorization To

                                Details Authorization To PlaySpan 6UG57964KF559194P -$299.99 USD

                                Transaction Details

                                Authorization (Unique Transaction ID #6UG57964KF559194P)

                                Original Authorization
                                Date Type Status Details Amount
                                Jan 22, 2013 Authorization To PlaySpan Completed ... -$299.99 USD

                                Related Transactions
                                Date Type Status Details Amount
                                Jan 22, 2013 Charge From Credit Card Completed Your transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete.
                                Your transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete.
                                Details $299.99 USD
                                Jan 22, 2013 Express Checkout Payment Sent Completed Details -$299.99 USD
                                Original Authorization:
                                Total Payment: -$299.99 USD
                                -$299.99 USD

                                Business Name:

                                Authorized Amount:
                                -$299.99 USD
                                Fee amount:
                                $0.00 USD
                                Net amount:
                                -$299.99 USD

                                Item amount:
                                $299.99 USD
                                Sales Tax:
                                $0.00 USD
                                $0.00 USD
                                $0.00 USD

                                Order Description:
                                30000 Balens ( Bonus Items)
                                Invoice ID:
                                Jan 22, 2013
                                09:27:10 PST
                                Shipping Address:
                                No Address Provided

                                Contact Telephone:

                                Business Contact Information

                                Customer Service URL:
                                Customer Service Email:
                                Customer Service Phone:

                                Funding Type:
                                Credit Card
                                Funding Source:
                                $299.99 USD - Visa Debit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
                                This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *PLAYSPAN".


                                This purchase was made at 09:27:10 PST
                                I spent all the balens including the extra balens I had from previous purchases right away, which totaled over 30k. This was well before server time 1/22 23:59

                                This $299 dollar transaction triggered your fraud protection system, which is the first ticket I sent about raising my spending limit. Then after that I couldn't use paypal for 24 hours, so I used MoneyBookers on the 23rd. I made 3 transactions and I was only paid for 2.

                                I would really like my 10k balens and bonus items before those Gem Box II disappear.
                                Red means I have NOT received payment from vender.
                                Blue is I received payment from vender.
                                Green is to show I bought 30k balens, before 1/22 23:59. Server logs will show I used them all right after purchase. Well before 1/22 23:59

                                Also, I have not, and will not accept payment of GM prize for 1000 balens spent. It is still in my mail box where it will stay until it disappears. This way it cant be used as a binding clause that this reward was accepted by me as an acceptable payment.
                                Last edited by XxRahRahxX; 01-25-2013, 12:34 PM.