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[Announcement] Wartune Weekly Server Launches

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  • #16
    Hi yeah, how about R2 fix they existing problems before worrying about making new servers? 29 pages worth of complaints sitting in the Missing September Hall of Fame Reward forum, going on 9 days and still R2 has stopped replying to Support Tickets.


    • #17
      Everyday, thousands of people stumble across this game by chance,,,,and a small percentage of that log in and try the game out,,,until that ends,,,there will always be new servers

      Furthermore, consider the percentage of current players that constantly re-start their game thinking they "have it all figured out" now and will be the best,,,

      Of course,,,any experienced player knows that is often quickly squashed with one simple server merge,,,

      Just saying,,,


      • #18
        i will be making a guild in oak highlands join me there experenced player and also good at controlling guild if anyone want can join my guild tombstone


        • #19
          haha love the 6PM


          • #20
            On Wednesday the 9th of October at 6:00 PM GMT, we'll be releasing Oak Highlands, a European Server its 6:25 and still not sever


            • #21
              oceanic yup yup!!


              • #22
                when the new oceanic server starts up i am making a guild join my guild i am a casher and i will be making the guild high leveled so join so we can make the guild number 1 on the server and get those nice rewards