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[Promotion] Soul Crystal Pack

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  • [Promotion] Soul Crystal Pack

    Duration: 12/9 - 12/11 23:59 (Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 - S386
    • Armor Games: S1 - S6
    • Kabam: S1 - S55

    Description: We're having a special on Soul Crystal packs for the next few days! Be sure to act now before these packs are gone!

    Soul Crystal Pack I
    Soul Crystal x10
    Price: 49 Balens. Limit of 1000 per day.

    Soul Crystal Pack II
    Soul Crystal x100
    Price: 419 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.

    Soul Crystal Pack III
    Soul Crystal x1000
    Price: 3899 Balens. Limit of 50 per day.
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  • #2
    please get some pack that are having that the price is game money I'm not a VIP


    • #3
      Basically that will cost us roughly 3200 balen for 30 Mahra. Ouch.
      Player Class: Archer
      Battle Rating : 162k+

      ^ Manly purple!


      • #4

        aku suka sekali


        • #5
          i want Balens pack.

          Soul Balens Pack I
          Balens x 49
          Price:10 Soul Crystal. Limit of 1000 per day.


          • #6
            i want bound balen ,, coz i want to buy an clothing armor or evrithing


            • #7
              what happend always lagging now balck screen huhuhuhuhu fix that pls in s 169 pls !!!!!!!!


              • #8
                neh.........10 cristal for 49 balen......???i can get 20 cristal per GoD run.......


                • #9
                  please make a thing that makes the guild altar spin more faster for non-VIP players coz thats my number 1 problem .


                  • #10
                    What a joke I submitted a tickes as I can not collect the soul crystal event prize and got this message

                    Tue, Dec 10 2013 1:10am - R2 Max
                    The soulcrystals need to be spend in combination with the event, please check the forums when this is.

                    ~R2Games Team

                    *** they don't even know when the events they making are. I even has attached a screenshot, but he didn't even bother to read and just closed the ticket


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by IggyBousse View Post
                      Basically that will cost us roughly 3200 balen for 30 Mahra. Ouch.
                      Oh quit whining and pony up the cash!


                      • #12
                        i just need event for wings free is need wings