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    Originally posted by LadyLiberal View Post
    Merge's are done in a really poor manner. They Merge the incorrect servers with each other. By that, I mean they Merge the new servers together, which results in an overpopulation. Wartune is becoming like China's population when it comes to the new servers.
    Actually.. the newer servers population dwindles pretty fast. First week you're looking at about 300-600 people, next week about half. Depending on how guilds are set, sometimes dwindles more still. The older servers are definitely a lot more stable. Might be getting boring, but the player turnover is nowhere near the same. Also with these new targets put in place.. it's easier to level fast, but it means if you don't put money in the game, you get slaughtered in pvp. Makes a lot of people quit too.
    Play too many games.. a few know me as Liberti, others know me as Squishy... lets stick with that