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TIPS for time rich players , with a small amount of amber

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  • TIPS for time rich players , with a small amount of amber

    1. Friends .
    -make everyone in the game your friend .
    -the pray at altars
    -the clean your farm
    -you clean their farm ant pinch their crops
    TALK in chat , be helpful , ask questions , people need to notice you , in a nice way . people assist the names they recognise .

    2. max out your farm .
    -make every player you see in chat your friend . then visit their farms , cleaning , until you have maxed your daily limit
    -be selective in what you gather from other players , take Diamond , essence then rose . Only take exp and gold at the end of your day to again max your limit .
    - always have essence, diamond and rose growing , how you fill the rest is your choice , but medium is a better % gain .
    3. Gem blitz .
    - max it out everyday , get help and use all the extra goes you can .
    4. Altar
    make sure you get it completed every day , again the more friends you have the better the chance they will pray at your altar
    5. Enchanted Gardens.
    - play it every day , spend the diamonds to get the 3 extra turns and dont let it reach 10/10 , that is wasteful .
    - free way to earn gold and occasionally diamonds .
    6.Missions and Pet trip( level 54).
    -finish your missions daily in both , try to use the best combinations of heroes or pets. you cant early .

    Just a few ideas . I may expand on them as i go deeper into the game

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    Yeah well thats nice and allbut pwoplw drop off daily never to log in again. Only the people that have invested in the game will ultamatly play for a long period of time causethe story is all broken up


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      1. Friends
      If u like farm garden and want 70lvl + farm, agreed, get more friends. Or better play Farm game (tons of it).
      2. Farm
      write above, to others - dont time wasting with this ****.
      3. Gem blitz
      useless ****, find another way to spend diamonds.
      4. Altar
      just clicking once a day at it
      5. Enchanted Gardens
      useless thing, dont know why they put in in the game
      6. Missions and Pet trip
      only do missions with hero evolve stones, others are useless (u get tons of essence in GC event)

      So, only store resources, and wait for GC, if u play without money.

      Ollek, S9
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