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Dragon Awaken Maintenance 11/29 @ 16:30 (GMT+8)

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  • [Maintenance Notice] Dragon Awaken Maintenance 11/29 @ 16:30 (GMT+8)

    Time: 11/29/2022 16:30 p.m (GMT+8)
    Duration: 1 Hour
    Affected Server(s): All servers
    Note: Maintenance time may be extended

    1. Christmas loading screen.
    2. Christmas-themed Holy City.

    H5 bugfixes:
    1. Fixed the issue where item details were not shown on hover in On Sale.
    2. Fixed the BR display error when viewing a player's info.
    3. Fixed the purchase status error affecting Glory Expedition - Blessing.
    4. Fixed the Stamina refresh issue in Land.
    5. Fixed the resource issue affecting some of the Wings
    6. Fixed the Relic equipping error after a re-login.
    7. The "Go" button missing in the quest bar - Catacombs.
    R2 community Discord:

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    there is all few weeks server 64 see not on page every where bugs and server is so slow no fun for play many go all can you do maintenance pls whit comsumptie all things most fix i can not make screen but is all fix we see not christmass events just 1 real pay


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      i know but there many things that most fix on server 64 look page whit servers 64 is there not to i do today i report to r2 whit screens but i am not happy whit wings trial