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Failed to connect to server

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  • Failed to connect to server

    Eternal Fury H5 won#t start anymore. The original server works fine on game hollywood.
    It loads up to 50% then I get the message that the login server is not available.

    Same browser for the r2 game and the gh game, so thats not the problem. Any surely no
    problem of the internet connection.

    And other games load fine on r2.
    Maybe it fixes it self over the day, maybe its maintenance and r2 didn't notify us in forum.
    Who knows. And if it stops working, its def a good bye to r2 games.


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    Same problem here, looking at errors it appears a certificate for * issued by godaddy for the server has expired on 27th feb. If you change date on your machine to before that you can log in
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      Okay first it was the Wartunes and now Eternal Fury... R2 is definitely losing me as a customer.. They won't be getting any more $ from this guy. Can't log in.. have 15000 balens, Cant log into the Wartunes and had 40000 diamonds... Think R2 gives you a refund.. better think again. no compensation for either game.


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        Well it works again.
        And they lost Wartune. This will never return. [removed]

        back to the never gonna get updates on 2.5 eternal fury ^^
        btw 3.0 lacks content. played it on game holywood. s1 is dead now because the devs besided to open new servers like mad.
        and after lvl 45 there is besides raid nothing more currently. better to check back in a year or so lol
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