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  • Missing event reward

    Sever : 113
    Name : MrSou
    Last 2 days. the top 1 event come with Golden Lion if we reach 500 point. I have enough 500 point and reach top 1 for the event, but i still did not received the event reward

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    For missing items or rewards, please send in a ticket to so they can easily forward on your information to be verified for reward eligibility and be able to send it to you if you should have received it.
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      Reward Esports event not get it all the gift recharge from the event after 1 week i made the ticket developer not do it nothing . This is second time they do it this to me in last year . When player found a glich they get it back all back very quick , when player not receive his reward dev not doing anything . All this years i play this game they treat us like a fools