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Anniversary Battle Unending

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  • Anniversary Battle Unending

    Lvl 3 Theodor heals more than enemy party (all 6 of them) but the enemy party cannot kill Theodor.

    There is no exit option. No way to leave. The battles are automated. There is no user input required or accepted.

    These battles do not end - until the event period ends! One battle like this at the start of the event, congratulations, you are effectively in a time-out punishment situation with nothing to do until the event is over. Forget those other 9 attempts.

    The enemy party heals more than Theo's damage, Theo heals more than theirs. Watching 56 dmg at round 150 is simply saddening to watch.

    There should be a cutoff.
    Nobody should be sitting for minutes with no apparent end in sight waiting for a battle to finish at round 190+. Got near round 200 and it finally ended. Curious why, I look at the screen closer. The event ended. That's the only way these situations end.

    The attack can go to the moon every round for percent increases. When heroes only do 10 or so damage to start, it will take a long long time to ever knock out a hero at Level 3.

    This is just bad design.
    1. Takes too long with damage VS heal numbers this far apart
    2. Cannot even do pm while you wait with chat; all you have is the usual chat box for world, guild, etc.
    3. No way to just exit. Give up, just let me out! No way to do it aside from maybe refreshing browser. I don't know if that works.
    4. You get in one of these for attempt 1 out of 10, forget the other attempts; you are stuck till the event is over. Feels like time-out.

    Bad design. Bad design. Bad.
    Translation: NOT FUN AT ALL
    Last edited by ng55021; 05-22-2022, 12:07 PM.

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    The suggestion to have the ability to exit fights, or have a maximum round limit to prevent never-ending fights, is forwarded. Thank you
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