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[Guide] Three Kingdoms: Heroes in League of Angels II. Part I.

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  • [Guide] Three Kingdoms: Heroes in League of Angels II. Part I.


    I want to tell about three kingdoms of heroes in League of Angels II. Heroes is your combat friends, they increase your BR and help in fight: attack enemies, health or support other participants, defend from attack. All heroes are belong to three kingdoms: Tempest Kingdom, Celestial Kingdom and Midas Kingdom.

    All heroes separated at four types:
    • Tank — heroes with high HP and defense. This mercenaries good protect other heroes;
    • DPS — heroes with high damage. This mercenaries good attack enemies, but haven’t large HP and defense;
    • Healer — have middle parameters between tanks and DPS and can heal squad heroes every round;
    • Support — can provide different buffs for participants (for example, attack or defense increasing). Have middle parameters between tanks and DPS.
    Skills of Tempest Kingdom heroes are specialized in damage;
    Skills of Celestial Kingdom heroes are specialized in buffs and debuffs;
    Skills of Midas Kingdom heroes are specialized in buffs and debuffs, but it different from skills of Celestial Kingdom heroes.

    Heroes from same kingdom have affinities. If you have in formation some heroes which have affinity, you’ll obtain bonuses to stats. For example, Alecta and Key increase attack to 12%.

    Tempest Kingdom

    Moira blamed the corruption of their leader on the humans. When the war ended, she took her followers to the north and established the Tempest Kingdom. Her people share some radical ideologies. First is the right of the Angels to rule over the lesser races; they cannot be trusted to govern themselves. Second, peace cannot be achieved without conflict.

    Tempest Kingdom DPS:
    • Angel of Apocalypse Moira.
    • Berserker Claw Skoll;
    • Reaper of Death Hela;
    • Chimera Penn;
    • Headless Horseman Lucas;
    • Angel of Blood Pandora;
    • Angel of Vengeance Alecta;
    • Angel of Void Key.
    • Demon Hunter Breenda;
    • Fallen Angel Elaine;
    • Arcane Spirit Loki;
    • Angel of Fire Mikaela;
    • Blood Prince Adolf.
    • Black Wizard Orlando;
    • Skeleton Archer Hawthorne.
    Tempest Kingdom tanks:
    • King O’Bones Palmer.
    • Dark Tyrant Freeman I.
    Tempest Kingdom healers:
    • Djinni A’ishah.
    Tempest Kingdom support:
    • Angel of Void Kay.
    • Angel of Youth Doris.
    Celestial Kingdom

    Fortuna considered her race responsible for bringing devastation to Elysium. In order to make amends after the Great War, Fortuna established an asylum for all refugees. She felt it was her duty to help those who had lost everything. Her act of grace eventually led to the rise of the Celestial Kingdom.

    Tempest Kingdom DPS:
    • Dhyana Champion Rei.
    • Astral Hunter Quaker;
    • Angel of Fate Fortuna;
    • Angel of Victory Victoria;
    • Angel of Dragon Theresa;
    • Savage Blade Llane;
    • Earthshaker Huxley.
    • Angel of War Celia;
    • Empire Guardian Karen;
    • Magic Lolita Maggie;
    • Shadowblade Lin.
    • Blood Baron Lamia;
    • Angel of Moon Lunaria;
    • Green Ranger Freda.
    Celestial Kingdom tanks:
    • Nether Knight Doyle.

    • Zweihander Augustine.
    Celestial Kingdom healers:
    • Lunar Priestess Thera.
    • Mermaid Nicole.
    Celestial Kingdom support:
    • Light Envoy Liz.
    Midas Kingdom

    After the great war left Elysium in ruins, the Angel Athena took the initiative to restore the land back to its former beauty. She created the kingdom of Midas and opened its gates to all races. The citizens of Midas were all equals and given the freedom to develop on their own. Under Athena’s wisdom and guidance, the Midas Kingdom grew into the largest and most prosperous of the three Angel Kingdoms.

    Midas Kingdom DPS:
    • Twilight Queen Pamela.
    • Angel of Arctic Aurora;
    • Snow Oath Norris;
    • Silver Dragon Priestess Lydia;
    • Amazon Hunter Pamela;
    • Angel of Love Aphrodite.
    • Angel of Frost Glacia;
    • Thunder Mage Kim;
    • Night Sentinel Boyle;
    • Bounty Hunter Carl.
    • Nightblade Hilda;
    • Angel of Tide Valeria;
    • Little Witch Sally.
    Midas Kingdom tanks:
    • Hearth of Mountain Odin;
    • Dhyana Guardian Pan.
    • Rose Knight Edvard.
    Midas Kingdom healers:
    • Angel of Flower Flora.
    • Astral Child Nataly.
    Midas Kingdom support:
    • Angel of Desire Dora.

    • Angel of Protect Athena.
    For view all heroes, go to hero summoner, click to button “Preview” in the down of game display.

    Thank you for attention. Have the nice game.
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