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[Guide] Red heroes: Rei

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  • [Guide] Red heroes: Rei


    I want to tell in this guide about Rei — red hero from Celestial Kingdom.

    Legend of Rei

    Rei is the most powerful and skilled fighter of the Dhyana, it is rumored he is 600 years old. He is also one of the three leaders of the Dhyana.

    One day, the 3 Dhyana Saints felt the arrival of a new evil, the Dhyana has no choice but to help the rest of Sapphire thus revealing their mysterious nature.

    Now Rei has to go forth to the Celestial Kingdom to find Theresa, who seems to be the key to everything.

    Skills of Rei
    • Normal skill — Martial Fury. Deal (228%+80) damage to main target and half of the damage to all enemies behind them with a chance to stun for 1 round.
    • Ultimate skill — Heaven’s wheel. Deal (253%+90) damage to enemies in a vertical column and stun for 1 round, also gain a shield equal to 25% max HP, damage is increased by 15% while shield is active.
    • Passive skills — Golden Barrier and Zen Master. Golden Barrier create a golden barrier for entire team that absorbs (ATK*93%+30) damage, lasts 2 rounds. Zen Master passively increase Crit and Block by 10% and gain 100 rage each round.
    • Rei become stronger after each round, deals great damage and stun enemies;
    • Rei can absorb all damage: your group will get more lower damage.
    Thank you for attention. Have the nice game.