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[Guide] Strategy of Kay, the Angel of Void

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  • [Guide] Strategy of Kay, the Angel of Void

    I want to tell about Kay in this guide. Kay is support from Tempest Kingdom and hero without attack, but with lots of buffs in League of Angels II.

    Kay is a young Angel with light power, hidden beneath her cute features is a weird personality. Her mood swings abruptly, many consider her psychotic. Stranger still, Kay seem to be always connected to various missing person cases.

    As the rumors spread, leader of the Tempest Kingdom had to dispatch Loki to investigate. After digging around, Loki found an astonishing truth — inside Kay, also lives her twin sister who has the power to control Shadow. Normally, only one is in control, but rarely, when both are fighting for control the Light and Shadow interacts to create a void, pulling in unfortunate victims.

    It is rare for an Angel to have two powers, her potential was noticed by Moira who guided Kay to use her powers for good.

    Skills of Kay

    Kay’s skills doesn’t deals damage, but she cast good buffs, for example, plus to ATK or dodge, etc. You can view hero skills below:

    Stats of Kay

    Affinities of Kay

    Kay have affinities with some heroes of Tempest Kingdom. If you locate to formation a hero, with which Kay have affinity, she will get more bonuses to stats.

    Augments of Kay

    Note. DR — damage reduce.

    Kay with other heroes

    Combination I. Kay, Hela, Pandora, Lucas
    I choose this first combination, because Kay will have maximum affinity bonuses and her buffs will be are good for current combat friends.

    Heroes: Kay — support, Hela — DMG, Pandora — DMG, Lucas — DMG.
    Affinity: Kay — HP +45%, ATK +18%; Hela — HP +27%, ATK +30%; Pandora — HP +27%, ATK +30%; Lucas — ATK +12%. Heroes from this formation have great affinity bonuses, it’s one advantage yet.
    Description: Kay stun enemy with highest ATK and increases damage for this target to 18% each round. Ultimate skill “Void Breath” increases party ATK to 12% and dodge to 15% by Kay stats. Kay agility and dodge increases to 20%, she will more survivable. She have middle HP and DEF, and I advise locate hero in middle row.

    Except buffs, main Kay mission is stun and damage increasing to hero with highest ATK. Therefore, your group will be get lower damage and more quickly to kill damager. Let’s to consider Kay’s buffs to others heroes.

    For example, damage of Hela increases to 30% for affinity bonus. Passive skill increases ATK to 8-40% (it most, Hela’ll increase damage to 16-24%). And Kay increase damage to 18% by own ATK (usually, it increase hero attack to 8-10%). Total, hero attack will be increased to 54-64%. Other heroes attack increases to different values, but all values will be great.

    Hela deals 210% damage to single target and decreases DEF to 35% each turn. Ultimate skill “Elegy” deals 216% damage to the front row enemies with 40% chance stun to 1 turn. If any enemy dies, she increase ATK to 8% (maximum is 40%, usually, Hela get 16-24%).

    As any damager, Hela have low HP, DEF and big ATK. Hela get HP +27% and ATK +30%, therefore, she will be more survivable and attack more effective. I advise to locate Hela in back row.

    Pandora deals 233% damage to single enemy with 30% chance a stun each turn. Ultimate skill “Chain of Pain” deals 259% damage to column of enemies. If two targets are hit, one from front row will be stunned; if one target, damage will be increased to 50%. Pandora have immune to negative effects and increase basic DMG to 10%.

    Pandora & Hela deals a great damage for single enemies. Hela can decrease DEF, Kay increase stats, Pandora can deals great damage and stun. If stuns will be successfully, opponent have lower chances to victory, because he’ll get a big damage. Affinity bonuses make Pandora as stronger in survivability and attack. I advise to locate Pandora in back row.

    Let’s consider last damager — Lucas, the Headless Horseman. Lucas deals 221% damage to single target and reduce 200 rage each turn. Ultimate skill “Evil Charge” deals 233% damage to enemies column, critical damage will be increased to 100%. If Lucas dies in battle, he will resurrects with 50% HP.

    Lucas get affinity bonus ATK +12%. I advise upgrade critical damage chance, because, if ultimate skill will be a critical, you will deals not 233%, and 582% damage to enemies column. Lucas is very useful hero, because he can to resurrect once in battle. His damage is good combined with Hela and Pandora attacks, when Kay supports this heroes.

    Combination II. Kay, Hela, Pandora, Palmer
    This combination is only slightly different from previous. Damagers Pandora and Hela will attack same as previous combination, Kay will support all party, but with Palmer group will have another pluses and minuses. Consider it.

    Heroes: Key — support, Hela — DMG, Pandora — DMG, Palmer — tank.
    Affinity: Key — HP +45%, ATK +18%; Hela — HP +27%, ATK +18%; Pandora — HP +27%, ATK +18%; Palmer — DEF +21%.
    Description: Unfortunately, in this formation HP is lower than in previous for affinity bonuses. But, Palmer — tank and his stats piece out HP and defense.

    Palmer deals 163% damage to single target and and stuns to one turn. Ultimate skill “Hex Slash” deals 216% damage to front row enemies and decrease heal effects to 60%. Passive skill each turn restore Palmer HP by 110% ATK.

    In first, if in opponent formation are located the healer, it’s not will be a useful. When healer can’t cast normal heal, you can deals great damage.
    In second, Palmer restore HP each turn. Heal depends from ATK, therefore, you need upgrade this parameter. Palmer will be a tank and damager. As mean, he’ll absorb combat friends with HP restore and affinity bonus. Also, he have good DEF and HP.
    In third, Palmer and Kay will stun one enemy. Total, two enemies will be stunned each turn.

    Combination III. Kay, Hela, Pandora, Skoll

    Heroes: Kay — support, Hela — DMG, Pandora — DMG, Skoll — DMG.
    Affinity: Kay — HP +27%, ATK +18%; Hela — HP +45%, ATK +18%; Pandora — HP +45%, ATK +18%; Skoll — HP +18%, ATK +12%.
    Description: This formation is similar to formation №1, but in this time, heroes have more HP than ATK. Let’s consider Skoll, as damager, and his advantages with disadvantages.

    Skoll deals 233% damage to single target and restore HP by 50% from this value each turn. Ultimate skill “Redrum” deals 216% damage to back row enemies, and, than Skoll’s HP lower, then damage is bigger. Passive skill increase damage to 10% each turn, maximum is 50%.

    What’s Skoll can do it battle with combat friends? How effective is this combination?
    Skoll have low HP and DEF, as damager, and restore 50% HP by dealing damage is effective. This hero is so useful, because he can upgrade damage to 50%.

    Kay supports all team, and attacks of Hela, Pandora and Skoll are add one to one. This party is more survivable and can deal good damage.

    Thank you for attention. Have the nice game.