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[Event] Pyramids of Destiny

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  • [Event] Pyramids of Destiny

    I want to tell about event “Pyramids of Destiny” in this guide. Pyramids of Destiny — event, in which you can profitably cost diamonds and topazes, get or exchange rare items and resources. For example, you can get pet Ifrit, orange or red heroes, blessing stones, EXP potions, etc. Ancient magic and mysterious riddles wait you!

    Requirement: 40 level or higher
    How to join: Choose “Pyramid of Eternity” or “Pyramid of Infinity”, cost topazes or diamonds, and get the randomly reward. You have a chance to receive heroes, more resources and event currency. If you're lucky, you increase pyramide level and will receive more rewards. Event currency may be exchanged to rare items.

    Event rules:
    1. Each pyramid have six levels. You start on first level, and, if you lucky, up sixth level.
    2. If you get the leftmost reward, you’ll move to next level.
    3. When you reach a sixth level, you’ll get great reward and begin again, from first stage.
    4. For each running, you’ll get event points. If you have enough number of points, you’ll get additional rewards.
    Pyramids of Destiny are separated to four parts: Pyramid of Eternity, Pyramid of Infinity, Points Reward, Pyramid Shop.

    Pyramid of Eternity — pyramid with better rewards than in pyramid of infinity, but for join, you need to cost topazes. You receive eternity signets, for which you exchange great rewards in shop.
    Pyramid of Infinity — pyramid with usual rewards. For join, you need to cost diamonds. You receive infinity signets, for which you exchange resources and usual items in shop.
    Points Rewards — event window with rewards for points. When you cost diamonds or topazes in pyramids, you’ll get a points, which will summed. Collect need numbers of points and get rewards.
    Pyramid Shop — place for exchange eternity signets and infinity signets. As I already wrote, you can receive first signets more difficult than second signets, but rewards is better.

    One attempt in Pyramid of Eternity costs 50 topazes, 10 — 500 topazes.
    One attempt in Pyramid of Infinity costs 50 diamonds, 10 — 500 diamonds.

    Except game currency, you can use special vouchers in Pyramid of Infinity. You can get it in game events.

    You can view all obtained rewards in window “My trophies”. Under it, located information about signets and vouchers.

    Points Reward
    You’ll get points for each attempt in pyramids. When you accumulate enough points number, you receive reward. You can to obtain the biggest reward for 5 000 points.

    Pyramid Shop
    You can exchange signets to resources and rare rewards in this place. Cost accumulate topazes, diamonds and get great items!

    Thank you for attention. Have the nice game.