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[Guide] Battle Pet Equipment

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  • [Guide] Battle Pet Equipment

    With the release of Battle Pet Equipment, the warriors of Sapphire now have new ways of empowering their faith companions. So how does Pet Equipment work and how does it affect your BR? Read on to learn more about Battle Pet Equipment in detail:

    Battle Pet Equipment adds attributes to Battle Pets much like normal equipment for your heroes. These equipment can be Enhanced and Augmented to increase their base stats and Equipment effects, which will make your pets even more formidable on the battlefield.

    How Pet Equipment works:

    1. Players who reach Level 80 will be able to access Pet Equipment.

    2 All Battle Pets share one set of pet equipment and the equipment attributes are added to all your pets.

    3. Pet equipment comes in 4 parts, each part has its own exclusive attributes (inherit main character's HIT, Crit and ATK, DMG Bonus) The higher the quality of the equipment, the better the attributes.

    4. Pet Equipment can be Enhanced to increase their attributes, and every +10 levels you can increase the exclusive attributes.

    5. Pet Equipment also have random equipment skills with powerful effects in battle. Different equipment sets (Dragon, Phoenix, Giffin) have different skills for each part.

    6. Pet Equipment can also be Augmented to increase their attributes, every +1 rank willincrease the Equipment skill level.

    Pet Equipment Interface:

    Click the “Battle Pet” icon and the 4 parts of Pet Equipment will appear near the pet on Basic info page.

    Pet Equipment has two upgrade paths: Enhance and Augment. Each of them grants you more power.


    Enhance mainly boosts the base attributes of Pet Equipment. Players will need Lapis Gems to enhance each part of Pet Equipment, which can be obtained from Pet Equipment chests in the Battle Royale shop. Players can click the Enhance button until the bar is full to level up Pet Equipment. Each enhancement will greatly boost Pet Equipment’s attributes.


    Augmentnot only increases the base stats of Pet Equipment, it also strengthens the Equipment Effects which will greatly increase the power in the battle. Players needLavender Gemsto Augment Pet Equipment. Lavender Gems can also be found in Pet Equipment chests in theBattle Royale shop. When the bar is full, the Pet Equipment will increase one star.

    When the Pet Equipment reaches 9, players can upgrade the Rank of the Pet Equipment (from R0 to R10) with Lavender Gems and Sun Gems,which are also from Pet Equipment chests.Each upgrade will level up Equipment skills.

    [Equipment Effect]

    The Better quality the Pet Equipment has, the more Equipment skills it will have. One random skill would be unlocked for every 2 ranks (starting at R1), up to 1 skill for Epic Equipment, 2 for Legendary, 3 for Mythic, and 4 for Artifact. All the Equipment Effects work while in battle.

    Pet Equipment Recycle and Pet Equipment Rebirth are newly added. The two functions helps you fully use Pet Equipment resources.

    How to find the Recycle and the Rebirth of Pet Equipment:

    >>> Click the Recycle button to enter.

    [Pet Equipment Recycle and Rebirth]

    Players can recycle Epic, Legendary, Mythic Pet Equipment into Lapis Gems, while Artifact Equipment can be recycled into Sun Gems. Recycle will refund all enhance and augment items used in the equipment’s upgrades.

    Players can rebirth any upgraded pet equipment that is not equipped. After rebirth, the skill type won’t change, but skill levels will reset back to 1.

    What are you waiting for? Get Pet Equipment and upgrade resources for your pets from Events during July 18th to July 20th. Arm your pets and dominate all opposition with Pet Equipment!

    Stay tuned for more information coming to League of Angels II!
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