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  • Why?

    Why are there always single recharge 200 - 399 topaz ? I can´t make single recharge 200 - 399 topaz. Some month ago there was the same problem. Can someone make these recharge? Click image for larger version  Name:	Unbenannt.PNG Views:	1 Size:	106.8 KB ID:	1966518

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    200-399 topaz recharge is on another platform so it is a little unfair for us playing on r2 being shut out of those mini recharge events. i am sure r2 knows that needs to be addressed so give them a break.


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      Thx Maelael, that someone answer me. I´m sure too, that r2 knows that. When this recharge event is for another plattform, they shouldn`t show it on r2. User recharge to get the rewards, but we can´t get this. They don´t need a break, because this mistake exist for a long time. And every week there is a new recharge event like this and this is annoying. And I express it friendly


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        R264835949-well done bringing this continually frustrating issue to the forum. Give R2 "A BREAK?" You gotta be kidding me!!! Whether you bring this to the table and "express it friendly" or otherwise, this issue, like all others, is just a plain waste of effort. R2 is NOT invested in solving player problems...just check the number of posts that are clearly and methodically ignored... Thanks, at least, for trying