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  • No compensation for ta

    TA was down for 6 days resulting on not being able to get full devotion points. For this problem which was not down to the players, but a game problem we were not compensated or even given a apology for it being unusable for 6 days. An answer please and dont you dare ask for a screen shot !

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    and still no answer quick enough to take my money but cant be bothered to answer complaints


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      Since Ive put in a host of complaints via tickets and Screen shots my game speed has decreased rapidly to the point were it takes 70 secs for a battle in clash of mighty. Or early in demonic war which was unplayable for me yet my guild friends had no problem. Odd eh ? I have cleaned my cache, use the r2 client, have no virus's on my computer, have high speed broadband with no connection problems. I can only put it down to me complaining about broken things in the game or asking you give us compensation for not even apologising for Team ARENA being down for 6 days. My guild friends and world friends are all aware of my complaints and are watching now have to refresh my game every 2 mins and are not happy either at the way Im being treated