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    MemoryLane Please take a look at the attached screenshot from the Gtaracde Desktop client. That platform has started a desktop client exclusive event (Desktop Login/Recharge/Online) that is not currently available to the R2 players. Previously the platform differences did not affect players in a substantial manner and loss of some resources on a daily basis because of better events on that platform was not paid much attention to. With the introduction of this current event, it will put the R2 players at a major disadvantage in terms of game-time and recharge (the other platform is offering a considerably better deal for the money spent). I ask you to please report this to the cross-platform developers so that they can improve the desktop client exclusive rewards to be on-par with other platforms. Myself being a VIP 7 member would like to stick with R2 games, but if that is not the sentiment shared by the developers and if they are okay with players getting frustrated and starting over at a different client, then now is the time to let us know that. The desktop client is severely limited when it comes to in-game advantages (The first thing I can name of is 'Speed+' which increases movement speed for other platform players whereas R2 players move at a snail's pace), daily login and recharge points conversion into in-game rewards, etc. I hope I was able to convey the high severity nature of the current situation.


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    Understood. I will forward your feedback. If I hear anything back, I will let you know.
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      Seems these rewards will be only for gt arcade.Did play there but their mini client gives me troubles,R2 client is much more user friendly,at least for me.


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        I agree that the R2 client is a lot better when it comes to performance, but as you can see, these rewards are putting the R2 players at a major disadvantage. Gtarcade players can collect 1200 golden leaves from these rewards if played smart. That is almost 5 artifact hero shards. R2 players will be playing catch-up forever then.


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          True,i agree with that,with this new event GT gives a lots of boost for their players.Dont know why that kind of event could not be here on R2.