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What Removed Items ?.

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  • What Removed Items ?.


    This is prob a topic discussed b4, but couldn't find previous apologies if redundant. Why are items I've bought and paid for removed from my inventory after events??? I find this totally outrageous and https://omegle.*** approaching theft by developer. Maybe I want to save them for the next event....maybe I just want to look at them in my inventory...maybe its not your property anymore, R2, if I've purchased it from you... The only thing I see as NOT MAYBE is this practice should stop immediately!

    Stop this burglary of our paid for inventory NOW or replace the Topaz or Diamonds used to acquire them.

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    It should mention it in the item or event descriptions. For example, Lotto Tickets say in the item description that the tickets reset at the end. But for Lucky Tickets, those say in the event panel that the tickets do not reset. If you've come across an item that resets at the end of the event but it doesn't mention this in the item description or in the event panel, we'll need a screenshot so we can ask the devs to add that detail in.

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