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League of Angel II Update 12/07

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  • [Patch Notes] League of Angel II Update 12/07

    Version: V3.12.0
    Update time: 2017/12/07 All Servers

    New Features and Gameplay:
    1. New gameplay: Isle of Doom ( Available from Lv.85. A new season starts on the 8th of each month.)
    2. New Feature: Ancient Armor. The materials regarding the new feature can be obtained from Isle of Doom
    3. FS-EX and EX Chapters for Echoes of Doom
    4. New Artifact Soul Arm: Might of Valor. Available after Thursday’s patch.
    5. New Skins: Eureka’s Skin, including Galactic Officer, Star Guardian, Cosmic Peacekeeper and Void Traveler. Available after Thursday’s patch
    6. New Artifact Mount: Decorated Horse
    7. New Artifact Battle Pet: Baby Flipper

    1. Mount Codex: Raised Max Star level to 12 each.
    2. Grand Tournament: New PVE Chapters.
    3. Team Domination: After joining a team, players will automatically confirm as ready.
    4. Special Offer: Updated some new items.
    5. Group Deal: Optimized the display information of Minion Card
    6. Grand Expedition: If the player is still alive after being attacked 50 times, they will automatically disappear.

    1. Gauntlet: Fixed a bug where the event icon did not show normally in game.
    2. Mount Codex: Fixed a bug where the amount of codex consumed by Moonlight Carriage was wrong.
    3. Little Helper: Fixed a bug where Litter Helper could not collect all the Weekly Check-in rewards .
    4. Inventory: Fixed a bug where the Crimson Gem Chest I,II are not in Consumable page.
    5. Grand Expedition: Fixed a bug where some players could not claim the Damage Ranking Rewards.