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Rigged dungeons

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  • richard.fox66
    started a topic Rigged dungeons

    Rigged dungeons

    Ok plain and simple I have played more of these games than I care to divulge and when I smell a rat I can no longer stay silent. These EQ dungeons are rigged to the hilt. Level 60 IV awards either a level 13 ring a level 9 helmet or a level 11 helmet so basic math 66% chance one of the drops you would think would be a helmet. But no of the 9 runs that actually dropped something all 9 were the level 13 rings. And it is the same for every dungeon 1 mandatory award despite giving the impression there's a random choice There's no excuse it's rigged and needs addressing .

    I don't mind that you take my money but I do object to be taken for a mug. I can see a huge charge back coming if you do not sort this nonsense out. Come at least be fair it's not too much to ask

  • MemoryLane
    I spoke with a GM who says there is a random chance for a drop, and a random chance one of those drops will be one of the items dropped by that dungeon.

    However, the drop table isn't public, so only the devs themselves know if it's an equal random chance, or if the drops are weighted, which is not the same thing as being rigged. The best I can do for you is to forward your feedback about the drops. You will need to take any threats of chargeback to support at where they will see it, as that's not something a player volunteer forum moderator can assist you with.

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