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Flash EOL

Attention: Adobe has blocked flash content from playing beginning January 12th. Please update to new client version 1.1.2.
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[Maintenance Notice] Survivor Legacy Maintenance 4/21 @ 07:00 AM GMT

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  • [Maintenance Notice] Survivor Legacy Maintenance 4/21 @ 07:00 AM GMT

    Survivor Legacy all server will be having Maintenance at 07:00 AM GMT+0 Maintenance is expected to take approximately 60 mins but could be shorter or longer.
    Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes

    What's New

    Guild Improvements
    - Reduced the Guild Technology upgrading requirements.
    - The initial Guild Size is set as 50. Upgrade Guild Technology to maximize the Guild Size. (Even if the number of the current Guild members exceeds the limit, no Guild member will be kicked. However, no new members will be able to join the Guild until the Guild Size isn't exceeded).

    Friendship with Heroes
    Added Hero Hall. As the Friendship Points increase, the number of Speed-Up items, Gold and Soldiers that can be received daily will also increase, as well as the number of combat boosts and Army.

    30-Day Pass
    Purchase it to get tons of Water, Speed-Up items and Resources everyday for the next 30 days.

    Other Optimizations:
    Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    R2 community Discord: