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The Third Age -all protected cities bug

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  • The Third Age -all protected cities bug

    All cities are in a protected state. No one can attack any city anywhere on the server which is shown in the mini map top right corner. This is not normal. I play on server S48 and we are in the fourth age stage of the game.

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    Hi Red Black, It is because of the event Paragon Clash, Maybe your server is not qualified for it yet but it will be eventually, Anyways, it is only for 4th age servers and when it happens - every 3rd or 4th Sunday - all of the cities of all 4th Age servers are put into protective custody until it is over, It is a full day event - from 11 am until 10 pm - so just use the lull to work on your fief affairs, heroes, etc and enjoy the peace and quiet.