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  • NPC counterattacks

    Game would be fun, if npc counter attacks didnt happen twice per day and sometimes 3 - 6 cities at a time, I am almost at the point to quit game, if it was once per day that would be fine, but i spend more time defending against attacks than playing, r2 should get their heads our of their butts, before they lose players due to unfair game play

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    nah, they should make even more npc counter attacks, its an easy way to get merit in first age


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      try 4th age it sucks


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        What sucks is that the devs give you 3 NPC raids and then they choose a major capital city in the center which blocks the only access to the other 2 because of the roads so they can't be supported and are eventually lost. What a stupid design to block access to cities needing support.


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          The game is PvP and PvE ..........i don't know why its hard for some to understand this aspect. Don't like it quit easily solved but not because you don't like
          The way this game is setup is fight for lands and continue to fight to keep lands from other players and the game its self! What's hard to understand?