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Lack of Information in this game

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  • Lack of Information in this game

    Almost every other game i have played has had some type of an announcement for game events that are happening or will happen, but here in this game, there is a huge lack of it. I log in today to find out that most of the players in my (4th age) S30 server have gone to Paragon or elsewhere to fight, and somehow i completely missed it. I am ranked number 1 player with most overall kills and my Nation won the battle for City of Darkness this Saturday, and i somehow did not qualify for it. No announcement whatsoever of any kind or some server wide reminder as to what is about to happen was made. I find that most player in my world had no idea what was going on. For most of us this is the first and only server we play in
    Consider adding a server announcement (like u do when someone upgrades certain gear, buys or gets a Hero in tavern) for events like these that are important and effect the whole player base of a world. It would be an improvement, to be sure.