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The Thirt AGE - Why buy hero if we cant upgrade without Starup

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  • The Thirt AGE - Why buy hero if we cant upgrade without Starup

    Since new Solo Event or Hell Event, we are no more able to collect Starup like before. Too much hard with Tavern, Recycle Hub or Elite Trial. Many dont want buy hero anymore because of that. R2Games must add Starup in the Solo or Hell Event like before, or in a new way. And spend money for Starup has no sense when you spend to buy hero. Think about that... If we cant upgrade our hero, we will never buy hero anymore. Thanks

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    r2 doesnt care about its members only the cash they provide, thats why u never see any decent additions to the game and upgrades


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      Yes, starups are a big problem and will block newer players from leveling up their heros for sure. I totally agree that it is way to hard now. Was about perfect before. Hard, but not almost impossible. There are 2 current quests that let you get starups. One is kill monsters if I recall correctly (also now drops Savant chips, thanks for that r2) and the other is spend diamonds and will run twice in a row. So, strive to always do those 2 and it helps, a little. Save your diamonds, keep 6,000 available so you can use 3,000 per day.