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  • text SIZE

    sorry if already a post but, i know a few people who wish the text message window,, but mostly the text size it's self was much larger

    ty J, a.k.a Queen Yuna

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    I agree...can't read it on my laptop
    Live long and prosper.


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      thank you for this suggestion could we please ask that you provide a ss so it is clear to us on what you mean or refering to would greatly appreacite it


      • #4
        You do know that you're able to enlarge the Text Box which in turn makes the text larger?


        • #5
          "You do know that you're able to enlarge the Text Box which in turn makes the text larger?"

          How do you do that? I also have probs reading text, but even the picture is annoyingly small.


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            On a similar line, can we not have a 'clear screen' button that removes ALL icons etc from a screen to allow easier viewing [when seeking for monsters for example]?

            if I play on my laptop I can only see a tiny part of the screen, the sides are covered in text boxes which can only be partially cleared, and the top and bottom of the screen is masked by icons which can not be removed


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              The game is not "Responsive Design" in web speak. You can use Ctrl-Minus, or Ctrl-Plus, but the font stays the same until the browser refreshes. Also, if you run the game in FireFox you can go to settings, type in "Font" and there can change your default font to something like Verdena, try about 16 point size- it is taller than most and skinny so it does not overflow dialogs. UN-check the box "Allow websites to override font".

              Then refresh the game and see if that helps. If it is still too small, then hit Ctrl-Plus and hit refresh. Repeat as necessary. But after a certain size the text qetting squeezed into the same screen area causes some things to overwrite themselves making it unreadable..


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                And maybe some kind of hover effect over the icons at the top and bottom. As your mouse gets nearer the top/bottom, they could unfold in view. Have it disappear when the mouse leaves the region.