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S106 blue and red need Help, GM is not helping

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  • S106 blue and red need Help, GM is not helping

    Hey S 106 needs the help of people who will help calm down a player who, according to many, does not have common sense, because he spends a lot of money, and does not allow any of us to enter Fort Saghelm, as it says that we will be safe in the pen as he said, this is where our place is. G M also do nothing with it because it insults the players, I even sent a screenshot to prove it. The guy goes unpunished. If anyone wants to defeat him with his own weapon, I invite you to cooperate. PLS on each server watc out on Devijp he is
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    hi to whoever is admin...
    I think that a G M .is needed badly on 106
    a case of bullying and harassment does not fare well for the game itself.
    after many times trying to negotiating with the guy in question to allow red and blue some leeway to access some territory..for merit getting
    he refuses to budge..instead this guy decides to block all pathways so no one can even move...especiallly the blue chance of progressing in the game
    yes i know this is not the only server with the same complaint...but devs you have to make some sort of ruling....
    otherwise r2 games allowing bullying and harassment on an open game would not be good for the companies publicity
    attached is a screenshot of the situation as of the time of this posting
    please please send a G M

    this is the rankings as of now...and note that red players no longer play on the server anymore
    blue are now down to 4 active players...
    sadly green has killed off the server...because of one player
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      You're not going to get help with what you're asking. This is part of the game. You'll be told he is playing his game and technically is doing nothing wrong. Which honestly he isn't. This is just part of it. However he will see he has hurt himself in the long run because you all become 1 nation after the 3rd age. There are no policies that keep people from spending their money. What are you expecting someone to do? You don't seriously think they're going to tell anyone ok you've spent enough don't spend anymore?? lol no it doesn't work that way.


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        just wait for 4th age


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          Originally posted by Lynn Connelly View Post
          a case of bullying and harassment does not fare well for the game itself.
          While I completely understand and empathize with you, this is neither bullying nor harassment. There isn't anything a GM can assist you with here, unless he's using words in chat that break site rules.
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            You're lucky this guy seems to not have figured out how to use tunnels yet or the whole map would be green. His loss as when you complete sagehelm you all join as one nation so this guy will be left alone. Just start a new server and hopefully it works out better for you.


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              he is not doing well at all in 4th age


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                7mil Battle Rating and those below him can't take him out? Unfortunately you won't be able to get any help from others until you reach 4th age....or should i say bigger ppl. Once in 4th age he'll combine with others and become more of a rainbow!!
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