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We need more Starup - How to get more?

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  • We need more Starup - How to get more?


    To reach 5 star on one Hero, we need 1582 Starup Medal.
    • Level 1 at 2 : 20 ((7*2)+(2*3)) + 11 = 31
    • Level 2 at 3 : 47 ((7*5)+(2*6)) + 55 = 102
    • Level 3 at 4 : 101 ((7*11)+(2*12)) + 220 = 323
    • Level 4 at 5 : 146 ((7*16)+(2*17)) + 980 = 1126
    Total = 1582

    For a player with castle level 13 to 18 : (Level we use the most starup on top five hero for Arena and trial)

    We able to collect around 390 Starup each week if lucky, and using 880 Gem each day :
    • 2 stamina bottle to make Elite trial (last of the each level) to collect around 16 starup each day. We keep other stamina of the day for the Crest.
    • Buy one Rum and use 4 from Guild and Quest = 10 Starup each day
    • Recycle, if you lucky = 15 Starup each day (on average). IF you are godly luck = maybe 30-35 but not each day.
    • 100 starup from merit reward (thanks speedy)
    Total = 387 ((16+10+15)*7) +100)) Starup in a Week... if you are lucky and you must spend 6160 Gem each week (for Rum and Stamina).

    1582 / 387 = 4 week, to reach 5 star only one hero. I got 11 hero at level castle 14 = 44 week. ----> YOU MUST PLAY EACH DAY for 44 weeks if you want reach 5 stars on 11 heros. AND MORE TIME for more hero..just crazy. Dont make any mistake to up a bad hero you will not use later.

    In a real case, you need one year for 11 hero, because you loose some starup on lower hero you will not use later.

    IT'S A LOT too long. I got a life. Trust me, you must play a lot 2 year to got decent heros at castle 18. IT'S A LOT too long. R2 game must change that. Like twice reward of starup.

    IF YOU SPEND OR NOT MONEY, that the fact we not grow because of Starup. WE CANT BUT STARUP except in the rare daily quest.

    No one want buy hero card and dont be able to use it.

    Think about that R2 game.

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    5 star you need 1700 to be precise. Also better to use stamina for crest not star up medals. Did you also include merit rewards? i get 100 a week from merit rewards. If you are lucky in recycle shop you get 30-35 star up medals, if you do the 2 daily resets plus 3 free refreshes. Yes it takes a long time, but that is the benefit of being a free to play player. People who pay also cannot get lots of star up medals, so use your star up medals wisely.


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      this game is pay to win + a lot of time


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        Events, Elite Quest usually the 6th quest in the levels IE: 1-6, 2-6, 3-6 etc.