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Ingame Chat Censoring Exemptions

This is a sticky topic.
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    While I appreciate your attempts to make things easier for players: there are times when it is overly cumbersome to do the work around. For example: typing purchase instead of buy, when talking about getting stuff from the various shops. Since buy and purchase mean the same thing, either both, or neither, should be censored.

    Likewise: Fornication Under Consent of the King is allowed, but the abbreviation, with the exact same meaning, is blocked.

    filtering 2 letter combos indiscriminately is just absurd, and in a real sense: game breaking.
    You can't communicate in real time when you have to retype every line because the meaning is obscured by a broken censor.

    My hope is that including the screen shot with the very word being censored, but included by the devs, would help them to understand.

    Finally: it is important to note that this is a global game, and not everyone speaks English.
    The work around solutions often only work if the person speaks English fluently, because translate will not work with those words.

    I've experienced this the other way also, when someone works around the filter, and I can't translate half the message to English because they are working around it.

    I've had to work around chat filters in other games, but I don't recall another place where they censored 2 letter combos, let alone ones as common as "sm" and "bt"

    How am I supposed to express my doubt, if that other player can't read the word: doubt?

    The ironic thing is: most of the swearing can easily by typed by working around the chat filter, making it not only overly cumbersome to normal communication, but ineffective at stopping swearing.