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  • Gear chips. World lord.

    The current rate at which we can collect gold gear chips is ridiculous. I have been playing 2 years and only have 1 and half sets of gold gear. I rank high on my server and mine/collect them every chance I get. Players that rank higher than me have the same issue, it's game wide. With the fact we are looking at 1 full gold set per year and I currently have 16 heroes that I use. It will take me 16 years to get all my heroes a full gold set. I like a bit of a challenge but come on.. really??

    World lord is too difficult and on my server we can mostly only kill 2 out of the 6. Also the mount stones that we get (only if we kill the boss) are very few and again at the current rate is going to take literally years. Many have quit doing the boss altogether as it's pointless.

    These targets are totally unrealistic and the devs really need to look into making changes. Can one of the mods please forward this info in the hope they do something about it. Thank you.

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    I think it's perfect! You get events and arena for Gold Armor Chips again you can get Dark Lord chips with the Events as well....As you stated 2yrs playing so you know they added health to the WB and already reduced the travel time! So things have been incorporated for our benefit!


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      It's far from perfect Vapraak and you know it... after 2 years of playing like myself and you don't even have 1 full set of gold gear. You cannot get gold rings and necklace from arena only from weekly merit rewards and then only maximum of 30 per week. 30 per week when you need over 750 for 4 star and over 1000 for 5 star is ridiculous.

      Not sure why you mentioned dark lord chips cos i never said anythig about them in my original post, in fact my dark lord is maxed out.

      Most of the world lords are not killable I know they added extra health but since then a lot have left the game they are no longer killable and it's not just on my server. I made an alt on a newer server and most of the bosses we cannot kill. But if no one tell the devs then they don't realise that there is a problem with these things. You coming on here and saying there is no problem when there clearly is doesn't help matters.


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        Before I forward your feedback.. Are there any rotational/weekly/special or cash-based events that provide a faster way to get gold gear chips? Are you looking for a higher rate of chips from wherever they currently come from? It's best to have a clear picture of what you're wanting to see as an outcome for a suggestion.

        If World Lord recently had an adjustment to health, then the team would have identified that this was needing the adjustment. If the difficulty has been skewed too far, and no one can complete this event, then I'm sure they'll adjust it again. They do track such events.
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          Looks like i misread part of this .................who am I talking too?


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            What about the recycle hub? you get rings and necklaces there?


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              As far as Events with Gear Chips we got one going on now......The 2021 collection event