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dark lord chip in sagehelm

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  • dark lord chip in sagehelm

    why we cant get a dark lord chip in sagehelm every week were participating

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    can i get an answers how to get the dark lord chip in SAHEHELM iam always at top of the siege....


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      Someone once mentioned on the forum that only the last round counts for dark lord chips, regardless of how many troops you've killed prior to that point.

      If you need me to forward this question, I will need a screenshot of where it says you should be getting dark lord chips in sagehelm, and any help tool tip (usually found in ? icons within the event panel, when available) that explains rewards.
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        only the top 2 nations get chips and its only like 1st -10th or so


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          mostly because the rewards stink for events. my main played all weekend got 40 chips. I am not sure how the developer thought that sagehelm would fall once a team took it. The game isn't set up well for that kind of win. Even a group of low-level players with a ton of nothing troops could hold it no matter how outmatched they are. A defensive bonus is just too much to overcome . The battle went exactly as expected there was really no chance for other teams to win. You cant even go around and cut off other teams to try to take it that way in 12 hrs. So no matter how well you play if you dont win rewards are pitiful. Those who spent a ton of money wont next time as why if 40 chips is all you get. My alt played for 10 min all week and he got 90 chips. So hope your on the team that takes Sagehelm if you do simply create a ton of low-level characters to slow the other team for 12 hrs it's really easy. Honestly be better if it was an open battlefield where first 4 hrs one team defends and other 2 attack resetting allowing each team to have 4 hrs defending than the team with the highest merit wins at end of the day.