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  • trouble with a player

    good morning, I have a very big problem, in the nation we have a player who combines only damage, does not defend but attacks nations with which we have agreements, thinks only of his business but damages the whole nation. Is it possible that there is no way to stop him or expel him from the nation ????
    Thank you

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    There are always players like this let your neighbors kill as they like. Unless he is fighting for vizier and winning make sure he doesn't have a town or city. It's not much but those gems add up. I wish the game would do more to penalize players like this. An example could be not letting them collect daily rewards unless in good standing. There is not much you can do otherwise. People think they know how to play better than you all the time and maybe they are right hard to say. Just ignore them. We had ones who took city of power during the night so we all have a few of these to deal with but its a game and you just have to groan and do the recovery work.