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Ncp hits just before Fort Sagehelm

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  • Ncp hits just before Fort Sagehelm

    Having read the noob help section,I have taken as much resource as possible and our nation is now in control of the server , why then is our reward for effort having large areas of our cities taken which we have tried to defend, we now have a very large dead area and no troops to hit the Fort which is in 8 hours time, this information would have been more valuable than the dribble you have there currently ....

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    If you have over 50% of the map in age 3, you will be invaded twice daily by a larger than normal force.
    IIRC: the normal attack force is 50 heros worth of troops, and the enlarged invasion is 1500 for age 3.

    Age 4, when you advance, will give you normal attacks of 490.
    If you hold larger amounts of the map, you can have 2 or more of these, which may hit the same, or different, cities.

    Edit: the 50s in age 3, and 490s in age 4: stop when it captures the city.
    The 1500 will regenerate, and move to another city, once it beats all the defenses.
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