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  • More chat for Vizier position

    The Vizier position needs to communicate to lead effectively.

    Nations without leadership tend to lose players faster.

    People join for the game, but stay for the team. Community is not a nice addition to the game, it is a critical component.

    The game limits the length of each sent message, so that it is not possible to give a detailed description of how something works without sending 2-3 messages.
    The game counts each location sent as a message.
    Things like showing the path the team will take to the nation's goal, might take half a dozen location posts.

    Linking a town, and stating that it is the next target counts as 2 messages sent.
    Linking a location without any explanation is ambiguous.

    Having to wait 10s between messages while actively directing a conflict against another nation is unacceptable when a battle lasts 10s, and thousands of troops are lost.
    Time matters, and penalizing a vizier for good leadership is unacceptable.

    The servers where no one speaks for over an hour at a time, and then it is only an emote reaction, feel dead, and without community.
    Certainly without leadership.