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  • Game Balance Suggestion

    Currently on our server we control 5 capitols, including the nation capitol.
    Nation capitol only has level 1 mines.
    The next capitol is mostly level 2, but sometimes has a level 3 mine.
    The other 3 have the level 3 to 5 mines, but 7 of the 9 are Farmland, with the other 2 being markets.

    It seems like there should be more Mines and Forests among these 3.

    Suggested fix:
    No 2 mines are exactly alike at any given city.
    When a mine gets finished off: the new mine will be generated with the other 2 in mind, and have a 50/50 chance of being either of the other 2 types.

    This would benefit weaker nations, with fewer cities to mine at, and help them have a better chance to compete.
    Stronger nations would typically have more options available.