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  • Guild boss suggestions

    Currently: the guild boss time defaults to 9 PM server time, and runs for about half an hour.
    It can be set of other times of day, but not for a longer time frame.

    The problem: The game is an international game, and it is difficult to make a time that works for everyone, so attendance is usually low, often less than half of the guild attending.

    Possible solutions:
    1) Make the guild boss available for an extended period of time as many other games do. Something in the 6-8 hour range would allow people on opposite sides of the world to still participate without missing sleep, school, or work obligations.

    2) Make the boss "callable" by the guild Captain / Deputy.
    This would be a limited number of times per week.
    (Possibly costing a special guild currency to be introduced for that purpose as many games do.)
    The special currency could be added when the players contribute to the guild.