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[Event] The Third Age Feedback Event!

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    I like all of the above suggestions but I will give a different suggestion in 2 parts.

    First - Allow us to recycle crest materials in the recycle hub. I have tons of lower level crest materials from blitzing dungeons which I can't use. These materials are intended for gray and green heroes but all my heroes have already ascended to blue.

    Second - Allow us to switch crests between heroes like we can switch gear. For example, if I have a level S archer hero, it take tons of stamina to blitz dungeons to get the crest materials to craft and activate crests but if I then acquire an S+ archer hero, I have to do it all over again. Allow us to un-equip and re-equip crests between heroes like we can do with gear. Otherwise, allow us to recycle crests to get the materials back so that we can craft and activate the new crests on other higher level heroes.

    Finally, since gear is so important and since it takes tons of ore to level up gear, it would be helpful to have other options to acquire ore. Also, I would like to have the option to spy a castle before I attack it so that I know in advance how many heroic defenders there are, particularly since they always seem to be led by blue 2-star S+ heroes. A game like this should have a spy option. Thanks.

    [S38] Laveswan Town
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    • #17 game. Suggested improvements: please cut down on the build time for castles, taking 2-3 days is too long; periodically, fun more "side events" to keep and maintain interest and excitement in the game; the power between the three alliances is out of newer players join the server, they should be restricted in joining the current dominating alliance, to try and keep balance. Thanks.


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        1 - Add some European servers.
        2 - Make it possible to swap, sell or trade chips that are not in use when you have all the heroes upgraded, for example: i have over 3k moonlight pendant scroll chips that are filling up my warehouse with no purpose anymore.
        3 - Make the time for Paragon clash way less, specially with the time difference.
        4 - Change the gear chips in arena shop every couple of weeks for more balance.

        Username: Exathor
        Server: S1 - The grand Haven


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          je n'ai absolument aucun plaisir à "rob" ou "snatch" un autre joueur, ni a en etre victime.
          il y a trop peu de joueurs actifs, pour aider sa nation.
          Les serveurs ouvrent a peu de jours d intervalles, cela demotive completement, et vide les serveurs précédents.

          S31 Zoro


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            I really enjoy the game but would like to be able to swap items with guild members. Crest materials, especially lower level ones just sit in my warehouse with no use. It would be nice to sell them or recycle them into chips for higher level crests. Thanks!


            Server 40 Eldsteelton


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              I haven't been playing long, but it seems to be a fairly good game. If I were to make any criticisms, here is what they would be:
              1. The screen is too busy. Too many little items inundating the screen.
              2. The " Equip " screen, for the Hero(s), could be made simpler, with a human figure, much like an RPG ( Head - Helm, Chest - Armor, Neck Area - Necklace, etc. )
              .I guess that's pretty much it.


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                This game is really good but would be great if there were ways to keep non-premium players still hooked by giving them a separate channel of gifts that a premium user doesnt get to bridge the gap to some extent.
                It would be great if there was a cap limit of how much a certain nation can conquer on a map. A suggestion there could be a attack and defense penalty based on the area ratio conquered. For example if a nation has 60% conquered and is targeting a nation which is 25% , based on the ratio there could be a penalty that gives advantage to weaker nations to get back in the game.
                The ingame chat could be improved a great deal, creating sub group chat channels would help.

                S35 Ogoma Village


                • #23
                  I would like to see a better system for the monsters.

                  1- make/show a list of every monster that a player had killed. (it will help when you are looking for first kill of a monster)
                  2- Improvement to search of monsters. ex: im looking for a lvl 1 Mammoth...

                  User: Chopp
                  Server: 41


                  • #24
                    AWESOME GAME for GAMERS ,but could some more prizes and or gifts. I normally never buy coins or into a games for products,but ive invested some cash in this game. I would like to see some oversight on guilds leaders and more fairness for everyone who participates! I had some problems with my guild leader and felt I had no recourse to solve this problem other than to leave the guild and start over. thank you AWESOME GAME, DONT let some power hungry TURDS RUIN IT. thank you very much. happy cinco de mayo.


                    • #25
                      It takes a lot of effort to understand the preparations for Age IV. People keep, on conquering towns not realizing that when the transition to Age IV will take place, all 3 colors (Blue, Red and Green) will be needed to succees in a realistic way. Explanation is required before irrevocable developments take place. We are losing many frustrated players, because in many cases 1 good player in a "small" color can never keep up with 10 mediocre players that keep on conquering towns just for merit.
                      Terminator, Seradaya County.


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                        Hello R2 Games. Please let us know if the rewards have been issued. Have not seen anything. Thanks.


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                          Originally posted by gameplay1191 View Post
                          Hello R2 Games. Please let us know if the rewards have been issued. Have not seen anything. Thanks.
                          I don't have any information at this time please be patient.
                          To file a ticket with support for assistance click here


                          • #28
                            I didn't see any reward either, yet.

                            S32 Warhog


                            • #29
                              Originally posted by View Post

                              April 23, 2020, to April 30, 2020
                              Rewards will be sent to you within 7 days after the event ends.

                              Players who participate in the event will receive in-game rewards worth $79.99. And those who have reached The Fourth Age will receive extra gifts!.
                              any news regarding those overdue rewards?

                              Thanks in advance,

                              WarHog S32 (4th Age)


                              • #30
                                Anyone still waiting for rewards from this event, please send in a ticket to Include a link to this thread in your ticket, let them know you need these rewards still.
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