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[Event] The Third Age Feedback Event and Event Tips (7/24-8/2)!

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  • [Event] The Third Age Feedback Event and Event Tips (7/24-8/2)!

    Feedback Event:

    Hello Lords, to improve your experience, we would like you to send us your suggestions for Events and Packs. Your opinion is very valuable to us! To participate, write down your suggestions and you will have the chance to receive a high-value gift code as a reward.

    1. Write down the suggestions in the comments below.
    2. Remember to leave your username and server.

    1. July 24, 2020, to July 29, 2020
    2. Rewards will be sent to you within 2 days after the event ends.

    Players who participate in the event will receive a high-value gift code as a reward.
    Event Tips (7/24-8/2):
    Event Duration
    Zodiac- Only for P2 Servers 7/24 to 7/25
    Daily Recharge Only for P2 Servers 7/24
    Collection Exchange 2020 Edition 7/27 to 7/30
    2020 Pack 7/27 to 7/29
    Limited Time Shop 7/24 to 7/26
    Limited Time Pack 7/26 to 7/28
    Death Black Wing Pack 7/30 to 7/31
    Medusa Pack 7/28 to 7/29
    Mysterious Tarot 7/28 to 7/30
    Joyful Gems 7/25 to 7/26
    Wishing Pond 7/31 to 8/02
    Bright eye deft hand 7/24 to 7/26
    Crystal Storm 7/24 to 7/26

    Join to help us make the game better!
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    many of the packages are a bit expensive, and even if we buy heroes we don't have anything to pick them up .. m edal of stars and mourning..they fall hard..and a lot of stamina for a hero tetragon server 18
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      The forum post says Feedback event goes through 8/2, although the details says through July 29

      Lover packs that give smaller amount of chips, similar to Hero packs, cost more for each round you buy
      Equipment Packs for Chips and Ore

      Bright eye deft hand- only allow one ranking place per player, prevent one person from getting all 10 rank rewards, swap out pictures, have new rank reward every day
      Shamrock event: Just get rid of it, nobody likes it
      New Event: One where the result is truly random, but maybe have 100 choices, not like the roulette wheels where the best prize is always last or 2nd to last

      Quaddaddy S1 The Grand Haven


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        I like the nation rewards .....wishing well i get rid of i mean who uses it? Still not getting rewarded for the rebel camps, out of 8 i was rewarded 1 time this is very discouraging and has been discussed many times on these forums!

        S1 Vapraak


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          I understand it too late to get any reward but the - Zodiac - Joyful Gems - 2020 - are the best of the events. They are not too complicated or expensive. A Wheel of Fortune similar to the one in Vampire Empire with one free chance every day for everyone and pay to get more chances with decent prizes and a chance to win a small jackpot. The Third Age is making a good enough profit that it should try to keep the players happy and interested in the game. Also it is a complicated game we need more in depth and better games guides. New players just starting the game have no idea that the game changes so much as you play for a longer time. I had no idea that there was a Fourth Age in the game until I logged in one day and surprise.