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[Event] The Third Age Feedback Event!

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  • [Event] The Third Age Feedback Event!

    Hello Lords, to improve your experience, even more, we would like you to send us your suggestions. Your opinion is very valuable to us!

    During v7.11 we have added Bounty, which means the more tasks you completed, the more rewards you get

    To participate, write down your views on the new version and you will have the chance to receive a gift code worth $49.99!

    Update :
    1. New Server WarPower Ranking
    2. War Power Details
    3. Volume Control
    4. Bounty
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	2010555

    1. Add Time Info to the Rebel Camp
    2. Unrecruited Hero Display Quality
    3. Monster Filter

    Write down your opinions in the comments below. Remember to leave your username and server.
    Duration: Aug 21, 2020, to Aug 30, 2020
    Rewards will be sent to you within 7 days after the event ends.

    Players who participate in the event will receive in-game rewards worth $49.99.

    Join to help us make the game better!

    R2 community Discord:

  • #2
    wenn ich ie wöchentliche aufgabe anklicke hängt sich das spiel auf


    • #3
      I find the prize for unlocking the premium bounty not worth it when compare the rewards you may achieve - the quality of the hero chips are only S+. If there are no plans on change the quality of the chips, I'd suggest an option to level the bounty as a building too and thereby make it possible increase the quality of the bounty rewards.

      Nice addition with the option for viziers to send packs to your fellow mates in game.



      • #4

        I think the game requires more improvements so that the players have better rewards, I do not find it satisfactory


        • #5
          For the Bounty... Have us put the troops on maneuvers somewhere on map... rewards should be worth the expenses and efforts.


          • #6
            Hi i think bounty is ok for everyone something also can buy level and stuff also for free players.

            Why we not have a market where can sell trade and buy stuff?
            Tht would be very welcome.
            Do we also have europe servers with timeschedule i do not have to do World Lord at dinner time?


            • #7
              user ID 358657454 Actually receive credit for tasks completed could be an improvement


              • #8
                Server: [S42] Dirihelm

                Server Time: 09:02

                UID: 350848460
                jetzt geht die 2. Woche nicht auf.Ich bin am verzweifeln


                • #9
                  Vapraak S1

                  Bounty is ok, could use some high end rewards.
                  Still no other way to get "partner chips" other than purchases or the event now
                  Still no other way of collecting VIP chips or EXP other than purchases and log in?
                  Still have lower lvl heroes being displayed as being more powerful than a premium Hero?


                  • #10
                    Sound and volume controls are perfect! Thanks. Need more ways to be able to get VIP up.


                    • #11
                      The game is a good rendition of LOTR.


                      • #12
                        Just a new player so still learning the game. Seems good. I like the way everyone has to work together at the start to gain territory and open up the game world. Guild chat improvements would be helpful so we can all be working together better. It needs to be more visible maybe.


                        • #13
                          Bear364 S4 Sage

                          AS a vizier I really like having the chest to give out. The Bounty's are okay but I think there needs to be more types of bounties and levels of bounties with increased rewards. Maybe even bounties that can be purchased through guild shop or merchant ship. I like the monster filter. It is helpful to those looking to kill all of a level monsters for the first time. Time added to rebel camps is okay but not that big of a deal.


                          • #14
                            I would like to suggest that the number of clicks be reduced. every time i build troops or dispatch troops, its 5 or 6 clicks of the mouse. Why cant we have it reduced, so that if i say "Send troops" and my resources are short in my on-hand inventory, a single click would approve use of stored resources. Same with create troops, except that you can use the bar, but still its the plus symbol, the continuous button, adjust the amount if its not correct (as it is often not), then click the next resource, and repeat. or even have a use resources like you have the buy stamina for doing hero quests.



                            • #15
                              Hey... the red writing/text is hard to read..