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Wartune Reborn - Worldview

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  • Wartune Reborn - Worldview


    Wartune is an instrument that was born from the Creator. But it is not just any instrument. When it is played, it can have a vast effect on the entire world, making it the most dangerous item to ever exist. Because of this, the Creator decided to split the Wartune into 7 different parts called artifacts, which are spread around the world.

    The background of Wartune (Wartune - Prologue): At the very start of this game, the war between human beings and evil, which lasted for hundreds of years, had finished. No side was victorious, there was only chaos. The glory of the great Jayaraman Empire had faded away. After the war, the empire became hollow and its territory was seized by creatures of different races. Devils and monsters gathered all over the continent, it was out of control.

    The character of the protagonist: “I will exterminate every last God and devil, and humans will reign the lands”. These words reflect the character’s personality; he is determined, brave and have a rigorous mind. He is also hostile towards any devil or monster, and considers any God that has betrayed the humans his total enemy.

    The graphics of Wartune: This magic world contains three continents: the Gaia Continent, which means “birth”; the Farma Continent, which means “growth”; and the Arne Continent, which means “fight”. Each one has their own special graphics which make them so unique, such as the beautiful and peaceful prairies, mountains, forests and oases. Besides, there also some ever-changing dangerous places such as the desserts, swamps, volcanoes, lava and snow lands. There are also some more complex areas in different places, such as the shrines, wastelands, valleys, lakes, fairylands, camps, villages, relics and so on.

    The races of Wartune: There are several races throughout Wartune, such as the Undead, the Orcs, the Dragons, the Centaur, the Cavemen and so on. Furthermore, there are also lots of different monsters in Wartune, such as the Monstrous, the Undead, the Curses, the Terrified, the Dead and the Variant and so on.

    Each race has its own features and relationships with other races. For instance, the Mermaid and the human beings are enemies, yet they all become friends of our protagonist. There are some more complex relationships between the Dragons and the Angels… and they might seem a bit complicated at first, but they are the essence of the Wartune world.

    Different styles in Wartune: The architectures and scenes are mainly in the style of medieval Europe. The grotesque nests and caves in wilderness are of a different style meant to contrast with this. Players’ equipment is mainly made of steel and leather, decorated with crystals and gems.