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[Strategy] Single Player Challenges

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  • [Strategy] Single Player Challenges

    [Strategy]Single Player Challenges

    Players can challenge another online player through the Arena.

    In this challenge, there will not be any loss of HP, of soldiers or a change in the status of the challenged player after the battle is over. The only thing that will change is the ranking.
    According to players’ rank in arena, the system will select four players as the competitors.
    If one player wins the challenge and their rank is lower than the competitor’s, then they will switch ranks. If one player loses and their rank is higher than the competitor’s, then the rank will stay the same.
    The winner of the challenge can flip a card once as a reward after every challenge.
    Players can also check the challenge reports.
    Players can challenge 20 times a day, and there will be a ten minute cool down time between every two challenges. This cool down time can be accelerated or skipped.
    After winning a certain number of times, the system will release an announcement informing the entire server of the achievement.