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Reporting a R2 Mentor

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  • Reporting a R2 Mentor

    Hello, i would like to report a R2 Mentor who was online right now.

    Server: S1

    I started to talk with him and asked about if there is any chance to have exchange mount event or rune exchange.

    After the talk kept going, he started to be very rude with me.

    I explained to him that my friend got 3 purification rune from archer pack, and that would be nice if we hd a rune exchange vent, since those runes were multiplied.

    He just said: well stop spending then.

    And later he gave me a miss lead infornation saying i should get it in tanks but tanks only give brut , healing and blood runestones.

    He kept being rude and when i said again that would be nice to have such an event, he just pretended to be a DEV and said "ok i am coding right now"

    This is not really a way to treat a customer, with sarcasm, miss leading information and being all rude.

    picture shows the conversation


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    Thank you for the report we are sorry if you felt at all unpleasant with our mentors, I will forward this to the right GM and will provide an investigation.

    To answer the information in the pictures; runes and mounts duplicates for now have no use, but I strongly advise to keep these items stored inside the vault for future updates or possible events.

    Once again i want to make sure that you know mentors are not Developers. Mentors are just volunteers providing support and advise towards the players, please make sure to visit forums for any suggestions In the future.


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      Thanks Storm! i hope they actually add it soon because we have it on regular wartune, why not here ?


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        Regular Wartune has a long gap on us with events and time to implement features, I can’t stress to you enough that WTR is still a very new game, once developers believe the time is right the idea could very much be implemented.