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New Battleground Bug

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  • New Battleground Bug

    Wartune Reborn / S1 US WEST
    We are unable to enter battleground!!!

    Gille / S! US WEST

    Message we are getting "Battleground has not opened yet!"
    Also in system chat after clicking to join battleground "Used HP pack to restore HP"
    All of that started to happen after 3 am server time, and battleground icon is present in top all the time!!!
    All of us missed every battleground because of this bug and we missed to collect that battleground event!!
    So compensation for missed battlegrounds and event for it would be well appreciated

    Suggestion for compensation!!
    - insignia
    - honor
    - rewards from event
    - exp books or exp scroll
    - some gold and Battleground Treasure Shards

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    i having the same problem already summit a ticket
    some fashion cores and good luck charms would be a good compensation too


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