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    Interest:Playing League Of Angels/NightLife

    Moderator Application

    Moderator application for:League Of Angels Forum Section
    Class: Sorcerer
    Battle Rating:80k+
    Server:[S2]Sylvia's Copse
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      moderator application

      Age: 20
      Hobby: wartune/Zombie Ate My pizza
      Location: Philippines

      i am much interested in your offer and would like to be part of the team currently playing wartune, i have 4 accounts, my other friends entrusted their accounts to me so i can handle multitasking
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        Gud day. im wilson guina im 26 years old from phillipines
        my time is GMT +8. im also interested.
        i play wartune server s277 for a year now.


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          i played 14 servers all high levels so i know everything about the game and very good with questions and i would like to be a moderator for war tune i have said dumb things in the game to be funny that might pop up in my history and 2 name changes but i know that being a moderator is not a joking matter and once i step in to that spot serious mode is on and i need to take things serious and iv been playing for a little over a year i think but a friend that was a former moderator told me 18 months and that you guys would know my time so thanks and i hope to be a good candidate and im 18 years of age . also i have admin ed for dueling network and i like to find and answer to every thing not sure if its a bad thing or not but thats me and i hope to do good with it thanks for the wonderful opportunity to a moderator . and my time zone is in the united states 3:44 am now North Carolina US west
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            Originally posted by R242047753 View Post
            question where do i go to apply to be a moderator
            Right in this thread, please. Simply respond with the game you play and your time zone, and if you want to include something about yourself then that's cool too.
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              yeah man that really cool i wonder how long it took u to get ur mage up that high lol


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                I would like to apply in being a Forum Moderator. I like to help people both in the game and in real life. I'm above the age of eighteen(18), and I play Wartune as my favorite online game. I like to help people and also give suggestions which is always right and I try not to troll in any of the forums.
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                  Since the absence and leave of (Mod)Meditron from League of Angels, I think I'll officially sign-up for Moderator for League of Angels(since we got 1 open spot)

                  Server: S40
                  Level: 69
                  Class: Paladin
                  Age: 23
                  Education: Computer Science graduate
                  Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                  Time zone: EDT
                  Experience: Been playing MMOs for nearly 11 years(First of such being 'Conquer Online') and browser MMOs for nearly 6 years(First of such being 'çƒ*血三国')

                  Extremely familiar with Youzu games such as 'League of Angels', '大ä¾*ä¼*', '十年一剑', '骑士战æ*Œ', and '一代宗师'.

                  In the list above, I had spent most of my time with 大ä¾*ä¼*(2 years) and League of angels(approximately 3-4 months before having extreme lag and found the localized NA version of it and settled back here in R2).

                  The reason why I listed experience with Youzu games instead of R2 games is because all those games were developed by Youzu and they have many similarities. I am very familiar with their systems, styles, and strategies and R2 is just a publishing company. As for R2 I've also been an active member since Crystal Saga.
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                  (奥特曼 - ultraman)
                  (saint seiya - knights of the zodiac - 圣斗士星矢)
                  (shin chan - 蜡笔小新)


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                    hi im 28 years old, im from philippines

                    im playing lunaria story and i would like to be a mod

                    i am very particular with regards to the fights and abusive postings in luria which affects girl mostly

                    i am always online from 10 am to 7 am


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                      Im interested in becoming one of gms, i currently play server 3 Monkey King Online and am active. Ill word hard too. My time zone is US East
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                        Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
                        With the release of several new games in the last few weeks, we are now looking to recruit more Moderators for the forums to handle these news games, as well as our current games. If you are interested in being a Moderator, please post an application here. We'll go through the posting history of those who apply here to see if we think they'll make a suitable candidate. Things we will be looking for are:
                        • A history of being active on the forums.
                        • A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
                        • Guides the applicant may have posted.
                        • Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
                        • Be 18 years of age or older.

                        If you are interested, please respond below and include the game you play along with your time zone. Thank you!

                        HI, My ingame name is Chamile, I have been playing Crystal Saga since September 2011, may not post frequently in the forums but I am constantly reading through. I have experience in Administrating and Moderating also am a published writer, I run a page on facebook that has over 16k fans, Also I work with the American Red Cross and from time to time fill in the office for the Department Administrator, answering the calls coming in and handling donations, and directing people to disasters in the area. Live in the USA in the Eastern Time Zone, 28 years old, have never posted any guides but I know the game. Furthermore I am extremely interested in helping out and providing a better gaming experience for everyone else. I have nothing but time on my hands, so it will be no problem keeping things updated and I'll be able to respond quickly to any issues anyone may have. Feel free to message me, I'm always available.
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                        Server: Kaymo Mountain
                        Character: Chamile
                        Class: Hybrid Mage Eidolon Lvl 150
                        Guild: (S3)Legends Senator
                        Spouse: (S3)T3TSU

                        Other games : R2 Dragon Pals
                        Character: PlayerTwo
                        Guild: Hunters Officer
                        Spouse: PlayerOne

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                          Hi, i am extremely interested in becoming a moderator.
                          My time zone is GMT +1
                          I am 24 years of age.
                          The game i m interested of being its mod is Yitien , specially that we have only one Mod there .

                          Other things you should know about me:
                          I check the forums daily, really active and i like to read whats going on.
                          I tried to help some members whenever i had the chance but to be honest i didnt dedicate much effort into it because i didnt think that i ll be applying for mod before coz i didnt think that r2 was recruiting mods among players but if i ever got the chance , i m sure i can be extreemly helpfull and you can verify that by asking about me in all servers i played in , players will vouch for me ^^
                          plus i ve been a mod before in a social forums so i have a very good idea about how it works
                          I ve been playing yitien for almost a year now ; and i played on multiple servers and tried all time zones servers (european , oceanic , eastern ...)

                          if theres anything else you want to know about me, please feel free to message me.
                          IGN: iLPadrino
                          Server: S60
                          BR: 1M+
                          Level 116 Sword Dancer
                          Clan : DarkAngels


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                            I would like to be a moderator

                            I play wartune on Facebook s14, s50, s257, s259 Kabam s28 lvl 66 Archer and r2 s24 s34
                            I am helpful know about the game.
                            I am active log on everyday.


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                              Blood and Jade

                              GMT+8 Time zone

                              44 years old
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                              File support ticket at :


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                                me interested too . becoming a MOB . im playing Blood and Jade . im 19 girl from server 2 XianYang . i just want shared what i know and tell what they want to know . ^_^ that`s all .