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    Storm I would like to apply cause I match all the above queries you said..I also have experience of being admin not in r2games but in other company forums..

    I am a player of wartune.

    Server s461, s236, s370, s397

    Best Knight in s461, Level 63 with 65k br( 55 set)

    My time zone is gmt+5:30 as I am indian.
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    Name : Earth®
    Server : s461, Unearthly Grave
    Character : Knight
    Level : 60+


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      im romi

      play game Eternal saga
      nick : DEWI
      time zone game : s7,s36,s40
      my old : 20th
      play game at home

      im ready for moderator game
      hope mode game eternal saga,but if whateevr to you


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        m psy

        play game: Eternal saga
        nick : Blood
        time zone games: s4, s14, s30
        my old: 20st
        play game at home

        I'm ready for moderator game
        Hope mode game eternal saga, but if whateevr to you


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          23. Current Wartune & Knight's Fable player. ex LoA player. Brief Blog work with Lavash. US East timezone.
          Wartune S-402; NightBow; ZeroHour;


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            hi id love to become a moderator, in crystal saga/any other game
            lvl: 32
            IGN: waRmagGe
            Game: wartune
            Server: S425 Glawersea
            Age: 19
            Time zone: GMT+8
            i want to work as a moderator of R2 games, I am willing to take up other games by R2 in order to offer my assistance to my utmost ability
            I have helped others as long as I have been an internet gamer(r2games) and I find it very satisfying to be able to be there

            pLzzzz ACtiVate


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              im interested,

              i Am 18 years old


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                IM INTERESTED!!!! league of angels in S35 [Azrael Grasp] need GM. and i want to become GM

                Nickname: Arifin Gates
                Server: S35 [Azrael Grasp]
                lvl: 65

                IM 20 years old. in im playing for first at january 3st. thanks


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                  Hello. I am deeply interested in joining your moderator crew. Game account details below followed by a brief summary of my forum experience.

                  Game: League of Angels S159 Ivory Crown
                  IGN: girl
                  Age: 28

                  My primary experience in forum moderation comes from (gatewars). I was a forum moderator, specifically a section moderator, for about 6 months before quitting the game entirely. Aside from being a forum moderator, I also created and ran a clan/guild/alliance forum for my members and myself.

                  While part of the moderation group, I was in constant communication with all section mods, section chiefs and the chief moderator. We would constantly exchange ideas for better moderating, as well as help each other vent and provide morale whenever it got too tough (users gone wild).

                  If you accept my application, I will apply the same effort I expended for gatewars.

                  Thank you for your time and hoping for your kind consideration.


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                    I am interested in becoming a moderator. Well there's not much reason for it to be honest other than the fact that I like to try out new things and such and I have played plenty of games in R2.
                    I really don't post much in the forums, since I haven't found no reason to but I do come to the forums to check out daily posts and such since I'm a curious guy xD.
                    I get well with just about anybody and I have an easygoing attitude, I'm also honest and straight forward.
                    I play Lunaria Story Most of the time and I play on server 93 and My timezone is eastern.
                    I hope You can give me the opportunity to try the new experience.
                    GOGO MOD!!!
                    BTW I'm 19 .-.
                    (I'm not immature I swear xD)
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                    The Way Of The Sword-

                    NO GAME NO LIFE


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                      I'm blatantly applying to be a mod here. I have guides posted around, I'm a helpful player 99.9% of the time and I'm internationally famous for being patient.

                      Really. Ask Goldd. And Predator.
                      Permanently retired from all R2Games.


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                        Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
                        Posting in this thread is to show interest in a position as a moderator. After posting, each applicant is watched for suitability and then contacted by forum private message with further information.

                        If you have applied and are not contacted, it could be a variety of reasons from a lack of posting history to not needing a moderator for the game you play at this time, and many reasons in between.
                        Okay. I'm sure I've been online since the day I joined the Forums. I'm also sure I've posted many helpful things, ideas/suggestions, avoidance of harrasment and helping as well. I've not been contacted to Further address my application.
                        Do I need to do anything to gain the Moderator office, or is there something that I'm missing?



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                          Hi i can be moderator, i play knights fable, crystal saga, wartune, dragon pals, and league of angels. im reallly cool and players love me. i know so much about all games that i can answer any question for any player. im 28 year old in eastern time zone (florida, new york). i can solve any log in issue in a heartbeat also, and many player have that problem.


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                            I am interested in becoming a moderator, I play Wartune on server 240 I am an Internet Cafe Owner and active in gaming..
                            in my capacity, I may be a great help to you anyway.... please let me assist! Thnx !!


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                              Application:Forum Moderators Application Thread V2.0

                              I have played on R2games since 2012, I have had some college in Intro to Computers and Technology, Spread sheets in all Microsoft applications. I have earned 3 credits in all feilds of study @ Barton Community College Ellsworth Ks.
                              I am interested in your post. I play on many games and servers. My activity in the games are sometimes delinquent for more then 2 to 3 weeks because of work. MY region U.S.A Kansas.


                              I understand this has nothing to do with the application. However i think that R2games should make a game that allows the gamers to use a pc Controller or mouse to operate there character in a 3rd person mmorpg with different operations on the pc pad.


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                                1. Why do you want to be a Moderator?
                                Aight, first, here's WHY I'd like to be a mod: I've always liked solving conflicts in multiplayer games, be it on minecraft or others. However, I've rarely gotten the chance to actually enforce rules or help out officially. The /ban and /kick commands will help me fufill this. And LOA is definately a game I'll be spending a lot of time on, so why not try and be mod here? 2. What do you think it takes to be a good Moderator?
                                A good moderator must know how to properly use commands, and when to use them.
                                If a player breaks a minor rule, a mod shouldn't instantly /ban or /tempban them. They should first warn them with a kick, and only ban if they ignore the warn.They must also not abuse their powers: Using /god to do stuff for friends is NOT proper use of commands.
                                They also have to be above 13 (I am, don't worry) but no one on this game seems to acknowledge that rule when posting mod apps. :L 3. Have you played at least 80 hours?
                                Yeah,i play atleast 3,4h daily 4. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your gameplay and what you think of the game.
                                I've been mod/op/admin/etc a few times on other games like kok3(king of kings3), but very few had as nice a community or were as fun to play on as LOA ,im 22,ihave a part time job and i could use the free time to help as mod 5. If you are confirmed, do you swear not to use your powers for stupid/irresponsible/revenge purposes?
                                Yerp, I swear in the most unofficially official way possible. Do you agree to the fact that if you are inactive for a month, your Moderator rank will be revoked?
                                I agree. Here, have a smiley: o3o