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Forum Moderators Application Thread V2.0

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  • #91
    Game: Wartune
    Forum Name: KrazycatSS2
    Account Name: KrazycatSS2
    Age: 24
    Name: Kevin Bunn
    Time Zone: GMT -8
    Wartune server: 14 Serenity Lake
    Name on server: KrazycatSS2
    Guild: Serenity
    Class: Mage
    BR: 57k (70k full buffed)
    Helping: Yes
    Friendly: Yes
    Helping low BR players, definitely.
    I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


    • #92
      Game: Monkey King Online
      Location: Florida USA
      Timezone: GMT-5 standard GMT-4 with Daylight Savings
      Age: 28
      Languages: English

      Why do you want to be a moderator?
      I have noticed that one of the biggest flaws in MKO is a lack of explanation. Everyone I have tried to introduce the game to has quit, and the reason all of them cited was that they simply had no clue what they were doing. The game was totally confusing to them. I understand and agree, I just happen to be the kind of person that loves figuring something out. Usually, when a game suffers from this problem people look to forums, wikis, or guides. However, the MKO forum is currently very lacking in that area. I also noticed today there no longer appears to be a true moderator of that forum. I believe these are all things I can help a lot with.

      What do you feel you could bring to the team? Why should you be a moderator?
      I would be a good moderator for many reasons. I love sharing information and educating for one. I have tutored people in mathematics many times and take great joy in finding a way to 'turn on the lightbulb' so to speak. Seeing someone understand something they once did not truly makes me happy. At the same time, I love to be educated and I naturally pursue information. I have an open mind to new ideas and concepts and will be the first one to admit when I am proven wrong or that someone understands something better than I do. My pursuit of information coupled with a good grasp of mathematics, statistics, and problem solving skills leads to me testing and tinkering with game mechanics on a regular basis. I intend to write up some solid guides for the game, the first of which should be done sometime late next week, early the following, once I've had some time after summer classes have concluded.

      Other reasons I would be good for the position include being patient, hard to rile, and I am more or less well written. I am also a forum addict and tend to be on forums for games I am involved in very frequently, checking them many times each day.

      What flaws do you have? What are things you could work on?
      One big drawback I have that would effect being a moderator is only knowing English. I know these forums are frequently used by many people of other native tongue.However, I have been gaming a long time online and as far as interpreting broken English and managing to convey information in a way such a person can understand I think I do very well. Another drawback I may have depending on R2's view is not being a sheep so to speak. I speak my mind. And while I would certainly be sure not to post anything slanderous, negative, or degrading towards R2 as a moderator, or in any way show support for such statements made by others, I would not attempt to defend the company with contrived arguments or misleading statements. R2 is not perfect, as any company, human being, or thing in existence is not perfect. If faced with the case of a forum goer posting something R2 would wish closed, but that I agreed with, I would simply close it without comment. If comment were necessary I would get another moderator to handle it. One other flaw I can think of is not being as knowledgeable about browsers as one likely should moderating a browser based game. This is something I would, if given the position, work on. I am relatively computer savvy, but browsers are not my thing at the moment.


      • #93
        Game: Blood and Jade and now Monkey King Online
        Character: S23.FaceoF
        Location: Saudi Arabia
        Timezone: GMT+2
        Online Time: more then 10 hour daily
        Experience : have good exp with game testing + develop + game UI graphic design [ ] + general graphic design [ my R.L work ]
        Age: 30
        Languages: Arabic + English


        • #94

          I Am Interested To Become An Moderator, I Play ShadowBounds On Server [S1] Autumn Hollow And im 22 Years Old I Love The Game So Much And I Wnt To Help R2 To Kick Some Rude , Naughty People on Shadow Bound So Let Me Assist Pls ! Advance Thank You



          • #95
            Have played ES for about a year now. Recently have been active in the ES forum. I am over 18. Please let me know :P


            • #96
              Played many games for many years... played shadowbound from 2nd day of alpha... have good knowledge of the game...and besides what people think i can be respectful. UK (gmt) 21 years young


              • #97
                Just a reminder that mod applicants should try to have a history of helpful posts.
                File a ticket
                for payment issues
                For issues with DragonPals send email to:

                R2 Game Rules click
                Interested in becoming a forum mod, click


                • #98
                  Hello! I write to you, because I want to become a moderator of the forum Wartune.
                  Game: Wartune.
                  Name: Olesya Budantsova.
                  Age: 30.
                  Server: S521 ''Nypen Forest''.
                  Time Zone: GMT+1.
                  Experience of moderator: Previously, I moderated Russian forum Drakensang Online. Period - 5 months. Demon Slayer (Russian version Wartune) OPOGAME, INFIPLAY (forum and game). Period - 6 months. Rise of Heroes - forum and game. Term - 3 months.
                  Mu experience of game in Wartune: I started playing Wartune a few days ago, but I have experience of playing in the Russian version more than 5 months.
                  About myself: My native country is Turkey. Native language is turkish. I am a young, sociable, altruistic.
                  Country: Ukraine.
                  Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Chinese, Turkish.
                  Nickname in game: Gloria.
                  My Skype - arco.reque
                  I want to become moderator, because want help to players.
                  Last edited by Marcabad; 08-19-2014, 04:58 AM.


                  • #99
                    I am Interested In Becoming A Forum Moderator And i would be avaliable For Any game that i would be needed for, i have tried and played all of them For a couple Weeks if not months.
                    Made myself a set of questions i would think i would be asked if interviewed seeing as this is a job like any other
                    How long have you played R2 Games?
                    I have been here since Crystal Saga ( The first game if i remember correctly ) Just announced S1. ( I cannot remember if i was there for the beta or not )
                    Do you have an active history in the forums?
                    I have over 900 Forum posts In just a few months and 95% of it I had been answering a fellow players question so i would say i have a ( mostly ) Active history on the forums. (Again just not on this account).... Well if im asked i can provide my nickname for my posting history to be checked as it likely would be requested.
                    What time can you be online?
                    I can be Online Every Day Normally From 3:30 To 10:00 Because i am normally at work, But when online i near always have the forums open split screen when i am playing a game
                    I I can be online 7-10 hours on weekdays and Much more on weekends, And i can be on both in the morning before i go to Work/College as well as before i go sleep. :P
                    What Games have you played frequently?
                    i have played Every Game that there is ( Except Excalibur ) and I have a good understanding of the basic and specifically advanced functions And i will go the extra mile to help out other players.
                    Why do you want to be a forum moderator.
                    I am looking to be a moderator because i like helping others out and answering peoples questions out in my spare time And this would be a great opportunity to be able to help out more. I'm glad after answering someones question i leave knowing that i was able to help them understand something if they were asking a question.
                    I am on the forums daily and i have had experience being a moderator in multiple games albeit some of them are not as popular as others.
                    How old are you?
                    Im Turning 20 soon
                    Are You Patient And Understanding towards your fellow players?
                    I am also very patient and understanding and i don't really get upset or riled up at all. I have also have been told i work well with other people and don't argue with anyone else, but if i make a error on my part i would apologize for the mistake with haste.
                    What game are you on the most?
                    The Game i currently focus on is Crystal Saga but i play all of them depending on what i feel like playing.
                    What Is your time zone?
                    I currently Reside in the Eastern Time Zone.
                    Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope i didn't miss anything o.o

                    Last edited by Combat101; 08-19-2014, 05:59 PM.
                    Game : Crystal Saga
                    IGN:Full Insanity
                    Class: Holy Priest
                    Server - Hellstorm S63


                    • Game:Shadow bound
                      Time Zone:UTC -5


                      • Originally posted by R2_Stormaggedon View Post
                        With the release of several new games in the last few weeks, we are now looking to recruit more Moderators for the forums to handle these news games, as well as our current games. If you are interested in being a Moderator, please post an application here. We'll go through the posting history of those who apply here to see if we think they'll make a suitable candidate. Things we will be looking for are:
                        • A history of being active on the forums.
                        • A track record of being helpful and respectful to other players in their posts.
                        • Guides the applicant may have posted.
                        • Patience, the ability to work with others and be understanding.
                        • Be 18 years of age or older.

                        If you are interested, please respond below and include the game you play along with your time zone. Thank you!


                        • hello i am interested.i am 21 years old and i am playing wartune since i was 9 years old and love it. i have helped many players by telling them what they want.i always help the people in this forum by replying answers to their posts. i live in pakistan and my time zone is gmt+5.thankyou


                          • Aw, I'm nice but that age restriction was mean or I'd apply, might wait a few years hehe


                            • Hello, I'm interested to apply.

                              I'm Arian playing MKO in s51 (s51.Zephunk) and i see a lot of in game players that doesn't know what to do and ask everyone but nobody responds so we (Our Guild) made a FB page to help but not all of new players understand so I made a schedule and I spend rest of my time in World chat seeing if somebody needs help and now I'm interested in applying to help new players answer their questions IN-GAME.

                              Name: Arian
                              Occupation: Draftsman ( CAD ) Operator at Department Of Engineering
                              Age: 19
                              Game: Monkey King Online
                              Email: [removed]
                              FB Page: MKO s51 GUARDIANS
                              Time zone: UTC/GMT +8 hours

                              Looking forward to be at your side to help sir.
                              Goodluck and God Bless!!
                              Last edited by MemoryLane; 08-24-2014, 01:33 AM. Reason: Removing personal info.


                              • Hello There!!!

                                I Am very interested to become a moderator Wartune is one of the best games I ever played in my life, I would like to help out the the servers and everything if you guys like need help with anything I will help out with anything, Thank you guys for reading this and also I play on the server The Third Land Its were i play a lot.
                                If you think I am up to this moderator job just let me now.