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  • Hiding auras

    Add an option for hide Holy favor and Soul Auras cuz this make alot lag and more if u are doing Ladder, Public Dungeon, and Relic

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    nice idea!


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      I know this is a somewhat old thread, but this would be a wonderful thing. The "hide" button definitely needs to be updated or fixed. At first, it hides auras, but after a few minutes, even if everyone is sitting still, they pop back up. Nevermind that the auras of players coming into the area also pop on when they come near. I'd also suggest being able to hide pixies and genies, because the bigger ones also cause a lot of lag.


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        When r2 will listen players and add this option please


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          It's especially annoying when u got a full group in ladder and ur all constantly loading in new lvls every few seconds over 100 hundred time. Auras refresh when u load a new map or instance so ladder is greatly effected by the "hide" not completely working


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            is an obstacle/ not convenient if u want to move to a point which is very close to a player with lv 15 holy favor aura. The hide player option not useful coz
            Auras refresh if change map or change instances for example