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Purchased crystals never delivered

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    Anyone could take a screenshot of their bag with 0 crystal and it not necessarily mean there are missing crystals. Either; already spent, not delivered or never recharged. Proof of purchase along with in-game screenshot could serve better as "evidence". In this case I'd assume your issue will be expedited as Reverie stated. I hope you get a positive response soon... and if possible any kind of compensation.


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      Originally posted by LordGreymon View Post
      Sorry to be bothersome, but here is a better screenshot... I just want the crystals that I purchased, is it too much to ask?

      The CRM handling your case informed me that she will be attaching a screenshot of the backend's status in your ticket.

      Is it possible you accidentally recharged to a different toon?
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        I donot think so Reverie. (S1) Lyndis is the ONLY toon that I am using all time, since I started to play Crystal Saga II. To be clear: I do not use alts


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          After looking at the backend, all your recharges made through Facebook are showing as incomplete; this means the payment was never received. The team is advising that you contact Facebook for a refund as R2 themselves cannot since the transactions were not successful.


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            So, at the end I lost the money... what a shame


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              As stated in the post before, you can work out a refund through Facebook as that is where the issue occurred. In the future, it would be wiser to recharge directly through the platform to avoid such incidents.