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Fate shop bug helpppppp!!!

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  • Fate shop bug helpppppp!!!

    Hello, name's IZZZY from s5, I don't know how this happened but it seems the fate shop is bugged. All I bought was 5 magic essences and all I was doing at that time was using my elixirs then bam, I get this Lava Man pet and I've just wasted 3500 xtals for it. Help me pls, I need that 3500 xtals to unlock my blessings

    Need help asap, pls reply r2
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    Unfortunately, once an item has been purchased from the shop, it cannot be returned/refunded.
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      Yes, but this is not even my fault. I was just using my elixirs then suddenly I get a Lava Man and wasted 3500 crystals out of nowhere?? In other words, I was forced to buy it without me knowing. Please just please for once, help me. I didn't want this to happen since I already have a pet with 27k patk, that pet will be USELESS if you just let things go and ignore this.


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        There isn't anything I can personally do for you even if I wanted to. You can try filing a ticket to fight the incident, however the chances of a desirable outcome is slim, to say the least.


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          I've already filed one and waiting for a reply. I really hope they help me with this problem since it's not even my fault and I was supposed to use those 3500 crystals for my blessings.


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            Do note that there will be longer delays in response times due to limited staffing per holiday leave.


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              when you were clicking elixirs you likely clicked the lava pet as I don't see how a purchase could be made without opening the shop and clicking. ive never heard of that happening ever.
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