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Deification -----waste of time

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  • Deification -----waste of time

    Kudos to R2... gave us another awesome system (Deification)like you did Angelarium (We still have no option to upgrade) but yet no way to farm the materials needed one is going to cash Divine hearts at 380 xtals each, we dont have super mount packs so we have to cash for all the mounts...i think this game is gonna die out even more if you keep doing this. Our server is FULL of heavy cashers but no one wants to play due to this type of rainbow they do ...Stop throwing CS1 systems into CS2 and expect them to work without giving the same items offered in Cs1 for said systems.
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    Celestia to upgrade Angelarium can be found in the Fate Shop located in the upgrades tab on page 3. This is the only item you're required to cash in order to unlock the system and utilize the Purity Stones obtained through other methods. It has been requested that the area (Sin Palace) to obtain celestia be implemented into the game. Please, note the request does not guarantee implementation.

    In regards to deification, it is a casher friendly system. However, you are not required to upgrade or use the system. It is a player to player choice. Please, note Crystal Saga and Crystal Saga II are different games, and will have different methods to upgrade or obtain each item. Crystal Saga is an older game and has held more time to obtain or create multiple methods to upgrade each system, item or achievement, etc.
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